Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wade is Back Tonight against Orlando

Help is on the way today as Miami clings on to the 8th seed in the East. Dwyane Wade has determined he is ready to go in this match up against the #2 team in the East. So far this season Miami has downed Orlando twice with Dwyane Wade leading the charge. They will need him to be at his best if they plan on winning a third time and remain the 8th seed at the end of the day.


  1. Nice Posting Cyrus!! Good Articles!

  2. What is the purpose of the rest of this season, as far as the Heat is concerned?

    1) If it is to win as many games as possible (playoff games included), then Spo should shorten and tighten the rotation, and focus on getting the offense in their prime scoring positions. This requires a good understanding of each player's offensive strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to our team's benefit. Can Spo do that??

    2) If it is to develop the kids/develop an on-the-court rapport with next season's hold-overs, then Wade, Beasley and Wright (?) should play at least twenty-five minutes per game together - probably a lot more. I am assuming that Wright will be around, based on the fact that he's still with the Heat, costing the team over $7mil. And, what about Wade passing the ball to Beasley after he sets those pudding-soft picks? Beasley is open a lot, with a clear lane to the rim. Yes, he might get stuffed, but he has to learn how to deal with this. My goodness, what do they work on in practice? I'd have Wade and Beasley runnin' the two-man game, with Zo in sweats, swatting every lazy shot Beasley takes. Make Beasley learn how to 'complete the transaction'...

    3)If it is to 'tank', then Beasley, Wright, Chalmers and Cook ought to play 40+ minutes nightly. Wade would get as many as he wanted, and Haslem would split his time at PF/C. We'll only win about ten more games...

  3. I agree Sarge... I'm not sure that I want them to tank, because of the respect I have for Wade, but I think you have to start prioritizing guys that have contracts for 2010 over guys who do not have a future on the team.

    Wright has to be playing 30+ from here on out because we need to know what we have in him... is he gonna be a starter in this league or not? If he is not a starter, we should have traded him for the $7 million savings and the conditional first round pick.

    His value might rise as a result of him blowing up over the last 30 games, but I almost need him to blow up before I give him on more guaranteed contract... when will the diapers come off already?

    Same goes for Cook and Chalmers... intend to give them 30 minutes each night, but be ready to plug in someone else if they are completely off.

    I don't think Beasley should ever play less than 30 minutes unless he fouls out or injures himself - you should try to play him 38 minutes every night and see if he sinks or swims.

    It is unfortunate that Haslem would only play 10-20 minutes a night, but he really is about as close to irrelevant as it gets for this team... only Yao Ming could make him a decent starter again, but he is too injury prone... the Haslem as starter cycle has come to an end.

  4. Question for everyone? If shaq is either out or less than 100% for the playoffs, although they get big Z back, doesnt that change the dynamics for atleast the 1st rd of the playoffs? charlotte has to be licking its chops for that opportunity

  5. shaq out weakens saw Z's contribution last year...if they see the magic again and shaq is out, howard will dominate Z and verajao will have to flop 30 times a game.

  6. the injury to shaq typically takes 6-8 weeks to heal from surgery. that puts it at start of playoffs

  7. New blog... Cleveland should get out of the first round regardless. It will be interesting to see what happens with Cleveland down the stretch and in the playoffs as a result of Shaq's injury as well as having Ilgauskas out and incorporating Jamison.

    I think LeBron is capable of carrying this team all the way regardless, but it all of this stuff makes great drama...