Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Atlanta Pidgeons vs Mediocre Miami Midgets


Ok so its like this.

We have Atlanta Hawks

PG: Mike Bibby - Decent jumper, sets up the offense. Wears a headband.

SG: Joe Johnson - Jack of all trades. Can initiate the offense, can shoot, penetrate, you name it. Might be on the Heat next year.

SF: Marvin Williams - I can't believe this guy was the no.2 pick in the 05 draft. But he's a decent defender and he's pretty long.

PF: Josh Smith: This guy's a beast. He killed the Heat in the postseason last year. I'm expecting a big game from him. He deserved to get in the all star game.

C: Al Horford: I hate the Gators but this kid can ball. Great rebounder and shotblocker. Can finish inside.

6th Man: Jamal Crawford. This guy absolutely destroys the Heat. Great handles, streaky jumper, and a great offensive spark off the bench.

And our heroes, the Miami Heat:

PG: Skip to my Lou: His jumper has all but left him, but he has good instincts and sets up the offense well.

SG: Dwyane "Flash" Wade: Absolute Superstar in this league. Explosive first step and strong crossover. Hawks better send multiple players to contain him. Jumper has been shaky this year but we will need it tonight against this tough team.

SF: Quentin Richardson: Honestly this guy's terrible. But since opposing teams usually give him the jumper to guard Wade and/or Beasley, he will get his opportunities. Honestly, I'd rather see more Dorrel Wright this game as I think his length could cause problems for Joe Johnson.

PF: Michael Beasley: Fan favorite. Excellent midrange game. Smooth shooter when in rhythm and can beat bigger players off the dribble. Needs to stay in the game at PF as much as possible in order for the Heat to win.

C: Jermaine O'Neal: Feed this guy down low if he's hot. Milk him for what he's worth early because he tends to disappear in the 2nd half.

6th Man: Udonis Haslem: Not my favorite player but he's got some Gritz yo.

Keys to winning:

Protect the basket, don't allow second chance points. Box out Josh Smith and Al Horford. Feed Jermaine O'neal, it worked last year in the postseason. Horford shouldn't be able to guard him one on one.

Give Beasley ample touches and don't take him out of the game if he's in rhythm.

Dwyane Wade needs to continue to do what he did against Houston. Remain efficient and play smart. He looks like he has his legs under him too after what he did to Scola last night.

Take the ball out of Crawford's hands.


  1. Sorry I had to. A double homage to sludge...

    Anyway how do I get red letters like the cool kids. I signed up using a Yahoo account and it doesn't show as an option when selecting a profile...

  2. Become a follower or memeber or wahtever and you should get a red heat jersey. Right now u have a D league white practice Jersey.

  3. Key to losing the game - Spoelstra makes a key basketball decision.

  4. Sup ppl. Head over to the chat whenever you can. Lets kick this mutha fucka off!

  5. Al Horford is by far the worst all-star selection ever. He's basically a springier haslem.

  6. Nice.

    Beas is going to have to bounce back tonight. We all know how much trouble Atlanta's athleticism and length can bother Wade's penetration.

    Jamal Crawford. Heat Killer #1. Ugh.

  7. Best thing for Beasley, he has great games against Smith.

    What we have to do as a team is play faster and continue what we did last night. They wont miss as much or turn the ball over like Houston, but we should still run and more importantly, spread the ball around on offense. Let Skip and Arroyo play their games. We dont have to depend on Wade every single second, or iso Bease and JO with every touch. When Crawford gets in, I would like to see Q get shifted to the 2 and post him up. Theres no defensive resistance there.

  8. I don't know if anyone else saw this on David Hyde's blog, but I definitely agree with him. Regarding if Beasley is traded for Stoudemire.

    "(e) Beasley will go put up Stoudemire numbers in a faster-paced offense"

    I think that statement by David Hyde has a lot of truth to it. It's not tough averaging 21 and 8 in that system.

  9. sh*t, Shawn Marion scored 20ppg in Phoenix. Beasley DEFINITELY would top that.

  10. kazam92 said...
    Al Horford is by far the worst all-star selection ever. He's basically a springier haslem.

    FEBRUARY 10, 2010 5:52 PM
    Funniest post of the day, by far....LMAO!!!!!!!

  11. For those of you who dont now, theres a chat feature underneath. Thats y the lack of posts. Feel free to do both tho.

  12. So whats everybody's real opinion of Sledge now that they are gone?

  13. kazam92 needs to get off the crack with that comment about horford. If haslem ever makes the allstar game, that will be the worst selection ever!

  14. Ohshz said...
    So whats everybody's real opinion of Sledge now that they are gone?

    FEBRUARY 10, 2010 6:26 PM
    i have only been around a year....but he never really bothered me that much.
    his impostors were classic's funny to read something out of left field while you are reading a bunch of serious posts.

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  16. so much for editing...

    FYI..our marcus banks trade exception 4.2 mil, expire son monday.

  17. this guy is a chicago blogger right???

  18. Sludge is, er, well, embarrassing...

  19. young players selected for olympics....

    The roster includes: Minnesota's Al Jefferson and Kevin Love; Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo of Memphis; Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala; Boston's Kendrick Perkins; Indiana's Danny Granger; New York's David Lee; New Jersey center Brook Lopez; Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook; Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge; Charlotte's Gerald Wallace; and Clippers guard Eric Gordon.

  20. durant is in..but was left out the "young list" in espn's paragraph..guess 3 yrs makes u vet?

  21. I've been called up from the D-League on a 10-day contract!!!

    Check out my shiny new red jersey biatches!!!!

    (2 hours Later)

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  23. Welcome aboard Al. I must warn u tho, sometimes this blog tends to get stagnant when Chris or Adam go straight "isolation posts" and dont move the blog around. Its those times you willneed to be at your purist.

  24. How focused do I need to be?

    Cuz sometimes I am not as honest with my teammates as I should be and my resolve wanes.

    Perhaps I need to grind out my motor.

    That sounds about right.

  25. is there anyway to sign up for chat without creating an account?

  26. As per my keys to winning:

    " Feed Jermaine O'neal, it worked last year in the postseason. Horford shouldn't be able to guard him one on one."

    I love being right