Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We came, we saw, got injured, and still conquered. What more do you want?

This game sure had the makings early on of another blowout, which would have done wonders for the  teams confidence, even against the lowly Nets.

Still you have to worry about Dwades calf and hopes its  not serious nor lengthy

Even more pressing than Wades calf, is the apparent head injury suffered by Spoelstra.

JO gets hurt, Humphries (who?) dominates the glass and you have to wonder.....why still no Magloire?

No matter what the circumstance, Joel/Haslem and Haslem/ Beasley  in tandem needs to stop.

Have to side with a few bloggers on the Lopez kid. Nice player, nice potential, but nowhere near as much a factor as his numbers indicate. Skilled, absurdley mobile, but lite in the ass. I think Vince Carter was right when he deemd him a PF playing Center. He more of a complimentary player than a buiding block. In todays NBA he will still be a top 10 center soon.

Devin Harris seems to be rounding into form. Worth taking a look at in the summer if the Nets land Wall?

His shot having abandoned, it still makes more sense to have Skip play in the 4th quarter than to run your backup into the ground.  If Arroyo isnt making taking and making that jumper, the other parts of his game arent worth having him on the floor.

I think Cook is on his way back. Q apparently is as well. Wright is progressing nicely.

You really have to wonder about the non interest in riding Beasley. I just dont get the elongated stretches without him on the floor, or the subsequent lack of touches.

On a 4 game win streak  that includes 3 blowouts, have we not learned anything? Why is this team still relegating its players to play isolation ball on the same side every trip down? The same exact set up? Is it that hard to run  a different play? Q in the post for a change would make a lot of sense to me.

Terrible game for Haslem.  He has to bring more to the table than just a menacing scowl and bone jarring screen.

As I check the stats, Brooks Lopez just got the softest and quietest 26 points and 10 rebounds I have ever seen. WOW. Nobody is trading Beasley for that guy. Where was he in the final 5 minutes?


  1. great blog KB

  2. The Miami Heat have continued to express interest in Stoudemire, and have offered Udonis Haslem(notes), Quentin Richardson(notes), Daequan Cook(notes) and a first-round pick. The Heat so far are unwilling to include Michael Beasley(notes) in any deal, league sources said. While the Suns don’t want Beasley for themselves, they think they can move him to another team for other assets.

    League executives think the Heat are hesitant to improve their offer because they know they have a good chance of signing Stoudemire as a free agent this summer.

    One league source with knowledge of the talks was skeptical the Suns will make any trade.

    “No deal will happen,” a Suns source said. “Miami is a long shot, at best

  3. Nice blog kkboy, but Lopez was abusing JO and Anthony pretty much thru the 1st 3 quarters and then he seem to run out of gas. Spo reited to double team him, but we couldn't even do that right. As much as teams double Wade and Beasley we should know how to effectively double team the other team by now, shouldn't we....LMAO!!!!

    Spo almost cost us this one again, but Beasley was brilliant down the stretch, so what it was against NJ, the fact that he was making plays down the stretch when nobody else could for the team. We're gonna need a whole lot more of that coming down the stretch of the season. Haslem proved he's the "Purest Wade Needer" to get points as he was pretty much invisible tonight. We lost the rebounding battle normally Haslem's strongest area, but not tonight. Beasley's and Q's double-double paced us tonight.

    One question tho, how does Cook who was not even in the rotation 2 weeks ago play the most minutes tonight? D-Wright and Beasley got Spo'd and they defeated the Ignorant Spocrow "If I only had a brain!!!!"

    Any Win is a good win and we're back over .500.....WHEW!!!!!!

  4. To borrow a line from Mike Wallace, Beasley had a grown man's game tonight.

    Of course, that didn't stop him from getting Spo'd with 23 seconds left ...4 seconds after he swatted Humphries' layup. Great coaching there. Beasley probably would have imploded and cost us the game. That 8 or 9 minutes of good ball he played was his limit.

    The kid fucking deserved better.

    Over .500 again. Nice. Hopefully, Wade's absence was just a precaution and nothing that a couple days of rest (and a visit from Gabby) can't cure.

  5. Great blog, kb. Asking all the questions that beat writers who have to protect their team access can't ask. LOL.

  6. Maybe we got alston to make chalmers look better lol beasley was good tonight big confidence booster I say he gets 30 if Wade doesn't play fri

  7. Wade situation sounds scary, he was seen wearing a walking boot, and said he heard something pop.

    Let's all pray...

  8. [Wade] left the arena in a walking boot and is doubtful for the next two games.

    ``Right now, it's sore,'' Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. ``So he's day-to-day. We'll re-evaluate him [Thursday] and see where everything goes from there.''
    That ain't good.

  9. The Heat's most productive lineup is one that almost never plays together anymore -- backup Carlos Arroyo and the four regular starters at other positions have outscored teams by 50 points. With midseason acquisition and current starter Rafer Alston in place of Arroyo in that lineup, Miami was minus-24 entering Tuesday. --- Barry Jackson

  10. I went to the game tonight. Just a few thoughts

    - There were a ton of heat fans there

    - I know im going to get flak for this but Lopez is a stud. He is a poor mans Duncan.

    - Spo can not use the "defense" excuse anymore when it comes to justifying Beases playing time. His defense was phenomenal.

    - I was talking to mad nets fans, and i was like do u see how bad we are without Wade, this is why people in Miami think hes the MVP. And they were all like u guys suck without him, we didnt realize it. I had a couple guys say that this was the worst team they played all season as soon as Wade left

  11. Ohshz what you doing in New Jersey? I could have hooked you up with some decent seats.. I get lots of discounts for Nets games.

  12. I moved up here a few months ago for a new job. For real u can hook me up? I got the 17th row for 15 bucks its such a joke, and then at halftime I moved down to the 8th row lol. At the triple a that would be like 150 lol

  13. lol oh wow that's not bad. Basically there's this dude who works with the Nets who sometimes calls me to offer me tickets for crazy discounts cuz I've been there so many times. But you're getting them for so cheap to begin with that there's almost no point. I once got floor seats like 7 seats behind the basket to the left for 75 cents.

  14. Nets are the cheapest team in the NBA to root for by far. Very fan friendly too. I caught a t-shirt at a game.

  15. I caught a t-shirt at a game.

    February 18, 2010 12:44 AM

    Isn't that one of the greatest feelings in the world. Even though those are cheap and are usually promoting something I still love catching them.

    I'm currently on this crazy streak of 4 straight catches, the last 4 times I've been a game, and at 3 different cities no less.

    It might seem lame to some but I find it a lot of fun.

  16. Thats an unbelievable streak. Seriously

  17. Dude, if u can get me floor seats for 75 cents or anything reasonable, please let me know Chris.

  18. Ohshz said...
    Thats an unbelievable streak. Seriously

    February 18, 2010 12:59 AM

    Thanks, hopefully I don't get jinxd now. And the coolest thing about the streak is that I haven't bought expensive seats or anything, usually btw. 10-30 dollars. So, far, Miami-Orlando-Miami-Dallas.

    And yes, I get a little too excited about this but whatever, that's just my personality, I enjoy the little things.

  19. t mac traded.

    The Sacramento Kings have reached an agreement in principle with the Houston Rockets on a trade that will swap Kevin Martin(notes) for Tracy McGrady(notes), league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    Along with Martin, the Kings will send Sergio Rodriguez, Hilton Armstrong(notes) and Kenny Thomas(notes) to the Rockets. Joey Dorsey(notes) and Carl Landry(notes) will go to the Kings.

  20. EthanJSkolnick

    # Didn't get this in my story, but Wade said tonight that he hoped the injury wasn't as bad as doctors said. This could change trade plans. about 1 hours ago from Echofon

  21. What are the Kings doing, why take up Martin's contract, plus let go of Landry, who was ballin for them,

  22. Martin is a stud. The Rockets are short on star power, which you need to truly compete in this league, and they're treading out of the playoff race. I think getting Martin for McGrady is one of the best moves they could have made. You hope your continuity sticks, make a go and getting back into the playoffs and hope Yao comes back strong next year. As far as Landry, you've got to give up something to get something. I'm sure they would have rather kept him, but they're getting a far better player.

  23. Maybe FAR better is pushing it. Landry has shown some damn fine potential. I do think Martin is better though.

    I wonder if Houston uses Ariza or Battier as 6th man.

  24. Amare Stoudemire said he had a talk with Suns owner Robert Sarver after Wednesday's game and said he won't be traded.
    "I think I'm pretty much safe," Stoudemire said. "I feel good. But either way I was going to feel all right." This is far from a sure thing as Amare could still end up in Miami, but we'd make it a long shot at this point. Owners should be happy as Stoudemire's best numbers will come in Phoenix's up-tempo style.