Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mid Season Report Card

Here are my mid-season grades on the team. Overall, I think we have NBA level talent top to bottom, capable of being a 50 win team if we could get 8 guys to play their role at an A or B level. Some guys are performing better than last year, but we are going to need some guys to break out if we are going to surpass last year's accomplishments - #5 seed and a first round series that lasted 7 games. The ship has sailed on winning 50 games and fighting for a top 4 seed, but the final grades will not be in the mail until the season ends... these guys all have some work to do:

Jermaine O'Neal, C


His 54% shooting shows his growth as a basketball player as it is well above 5% higher than his previous career high. A 6'11" offensively gifted PF/C must shoot over 50% or he is displaying poor judgement... i.e. - forcing too many shots. Count me amongst those who was hoping for 17 points 8 rebounds and 2 blocks per game out of JO this season. In limited minutes he is providing 13-7-1.4. Coach Spoelstra has actually done a great job of keeping Jermaine healthy and fresh for a post season run... if you increase his minutes by 25% in the playoffs into the 36 minutes a game range without a decrease in productivity you could expect 16-9-1.8 out of your starting center.

Michael Beasley, PF


Mike is putting up 15.5 points and 6.6 rebounds a game in just over 30 minutes a game. I had 17 points, 8 rebounds and 1 block as his target going into the season. His numbers per 36 minutes based on his current numbers are 18-7.5-o.6 -- pretty close to what you would expect. I don't like that his FG and 3 point percentages have dropped this season, but that can be attributed to his minutes as a backup small forward where he has not been nearly as efficient. He has done a solid job as a full time starter and for my liking has done enough to show that he has the ability to play Small Forward in a big lineup, something we may see as early as later this week if Pat Riley can swing a deal for Amar'e.

Quentin Richardson, SF


Q won the starting position coming out of camp and was poised to have a great season, but has come down to earth after a hot start. He is averaging 8 points and 4.5 rebounds and playing solid defense. Call me crazy, but if Q is going to remain on the court I would like to see him be more aggressive offensively. Obviously, I love it when he posts up and takes it to the basket, but I actually miss the days when he would shoot 5 threes per game. Considering he has been our most dependable threat from deep at nearly 39% I think he should get the green light.

Dwyane Wade, SG


His numbers are slightly down across the board from last year's MVP-worthy performance. I have noticed that he no longer likes to shoot from 3/4 court because it kills his 3 point %, which is disappointing. He should not worry about proving the doubters wrong about his 3 point shot and should focus more on his free throw percentage, which at 75.5% is the lowest since his rookie year.

Rafer Alston, PG


It's hard to believe Rafer has been on the team for 21 games now. Sad to say his 34% shooting is only 4% below his career average. He has been a solid addition, but like Q is more of a role player than a difference maker at this point in his career.

Udonis Haslem, PF


He is what we thought he was! Has done a great job off of the bench with 10 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. When he shoots a wide open jump shot it is money and Wade loves him. Maybe he is worth keeping around beyond this season. I wonder what the going rate for grit and hustle will be?

Dorell Wright, SF


Dorell has proven to be a better talent than Jamario Moon by providing all of the steals, blocks and rebounds but also bringing the playmaking ability. His jumpshot has finally reached the level of consistency necessary to play the Small Forward position on this team. He has earned the right to get the Udonis Haslem treatment - 28 minutes off the bench.

Mario Chalmers, PG

C- ...on second thought (thanks KB) D+

Mario has not improved since last year, but he also has not regressed. He hit the bench because he has a lot to learn. He is definitely an asset, but he is not the diamond in the rough we were hoping for. Finding a way to lose his starting position after having the starting position gifted to you for the second straight year automatically earns you a failing grade.

DaeQuan Cook, SG


His 32% shooting makes Rafer look good. He seems to be snapping out of the slump and is earning minutes again. His regression/season-long slump has really let this team down. The gap between Miami and the elite teams in the East would not be as wide if the 3 point specialists could spread the floor.

James Jones, SF


In limited minutes he is hitting 43% of his 3 point shots. He seems to have put an end to the shooting woes that plagued him most of last season. He is not playing because he cannot defend as well as the guys ahead of him in the rotation. His signing has been a questionable because of his partial guarantees beyond this season. If he is not going to be in the rotation, he must be moved.

Carlos Arroyo, PG


Our best PG by the numbers this season. Is doing an excellent job with the second unit. His 4-1 assist to turnover ratio and good shooting percentages have been a stabilizing force that has allowed the bench to flourish as of late.

Joel Anthony, C


Below average at most basketball skills, however, he gives excellent screens offensively and provides fantastic help defense. He is a hustle guy making less than $1 million a year, he has proven to be a worthy piece of the puzzle when he is surrounded by talent. There is no way to hide his shortcomings when our entire second unit is struggling, however.

Jamaal Magloire, C


Our secret weapon Jamaal only plays occasional minutes, but his presence is always felt. He is the most physical player on the roster and an excellent option as the #3 center, definitely good enough to be #2.

Yakhouba Diawara, SF


He has not played enough to be evaluated. He needs to jump on that energy bus AND hope for a multi-player trade or he won't play any minutes the rest of the way.

What are your thoughts on the second half? Will anybody do enough in the second half to improve their grades and the team's fortunes? If we stand pat at the deadline can these guys get hot and surprise people at the end? It seems so long ago that the team started the season hot, is it possible that they can end the season hot too?


  1. Great blog post. The only thinkg I disagree with u on is chalmers. He deserves a flat out F in my opinion but no more than a D. That C was much too generous. Maagloire and maybe even Arroyo should be bumped up a grade, simply because they are the only onees, aside from Wrigh, that are outperforming expectations and deserve a lot more than the shabby minutes they have been given. When they play, they produce, especially the big Kat.

  2. Back to the issue of trades tho, I want to stand still. Unless whoever we bring in is also an expiring, lets stay still. I know some of us want Mason, but if he cant be had for James Jones or if his contract isnt expiring then screw him. I said we were on that losing streak I think that we could still get back to our 5th seed and I stand by that. If we finish at 5th, the season was a success, and we can begin the new era. One that features more dunks and less grit.

  3. How are these grades given? A lot of those grades are way too high. Like Jones, Chalmers, Haslem, and Alston. Haslem should be around a Cish, and Jones, Chalmers, and Alston should be in the F's and D's. Those 3 are some of the worst at their position. Alston in fact couldn't crack the rotation of the worst team in the history of the NBA.

  4. The one move I want to make is to get Nate Robinson. Hes expiring and we need another creator so bad. It will also be a tryout for next season as our 6th man. I personally think he can be a starting pg in this league, but regardless if u disagree, if hes that easily attainable by the Celtics, y arent we going after him?

  5. Chris I disagree with that. Haslem deserves his grade. Hes been good off the bench for us. Alston doesnt deserve an F, only his shooting. Hes running the team, hitting guys in open spots, getting to the lane, and playing great defense. He just cant hit a shot to save his life. Jones I agree tho, should probably get an F. I think a lot of the grades were based off how much a player has regressed, stayed the same, or improved.

  6. B- is a little high for Haslem. It depends on how you're grading. If Haslem is B-, no power forward in the entire NBA is under a C. It just wouldn't make sense. Alston deserves an F because he's one of the worst in his position. I don't know how you're grading, but I grade people relative to their position. If you're grading in any other way, then Beasley should be higher than a B because "he's been good for us".

  7. I'll be really sad if Nate gets traded. Even if he doesn't get traded it seems we wont resign him. That really sucks considering he's been my favorite Knick for the past several years.

  8. knicks trade darko to minny for brian cardinal

  9. john salmons sitting tonights game in anticipation of a trade.

  10. The grades are based on how good the players have been at their roles. The belief being that if everybody currently on this roster playing their role at an A or B level we would be a 50 win team.

    Udonis has been very good at his role even if the league is full of Power Forwards with more talent.

  11. Says also Mike Conley could be had for a draft pick and cap relief. Would it be worth to the Heat?

  12. PDcavsinsider Washington Post reports the Cavs have traded for Antawn Jamison


  13. RT @PDcavsinsider: Washington Post reports the Cavs have traded for Antawn Jamison
    5 minutes ago from web RT @KCJHoop: Bulls management has told Salmons to remain at team hotel as it works to finalize a trade. Won't play vs. Knicks.
    10 minutes ago from web

  14. what a relief! Cavs gonna choke again! If true of course.

  15. jrod44 said...

    Says also Mike Conley could be had for a draft pick and cap relief. Would it be worth to the Heat?
    February 17, 2010 6:30 PM
    Conley isn't really that much better than the three headed leprechaun we have at PG. Certainly not for 5M next year (with a qualifying offer due the year after that).

  16. I just want confirmation on the Jamison trade before I officially split my sides laughing.

  17. I do not have confirmation, working on it now. Post reports 3-team deal that would send Ilgauskas/pick to Wash. D. Gooden also involved.
    2 minutes ago from web

  18. It seems to be a done deal on Jamison to Cleveland... they have improved their team if indeed Big Z is returning in 30 days.

  19. Oh, nice work on the grading, Cyrus. I might bump Dorell up to a B-, just because he's finally starting tapping into this potential we've all been waiting on. Joel might get a C+, just because he's been able to catch. Chalmers and Cook definitely are lowest on the gradesheet.

    I'd probably give JO a slightly better nod too. He's been more consistent and effective than I'd imagined. Good words about Saint Grit. He's adapted well to being a bench player (in name only). Beas could up his markings with a bit more tenacity on the glass. His patience on offense and defensive learnings are shining through though.

    Although, a lot of that is based on expectations I had coming into the season.


  21. Based on recent performance Dorell definitely deserves a B-... he is getting so close.

    I had JO with a higher grade originally, but he has not been a difference maker consistently.

  22. He (JO) has no knees. I'm just happy he's still walking at this point of the season.

  23. Jamison to Cleveland for Big Z and a 1st rd pick Hoopshype is reporting it as a done deal too....

    Maybe there's still a shot at Lebron now....LMAO!!!!!!

    Sike.... But that's a horrible deal for that team, they're either win now or bust. Jamison deal is atrocious!!!!!! If it isn't broke why try and fix it or tamper with it... Now I see why Kerr and Ferry are good friends, both are stupid GM's.

  24. Nice Adrian... from Peter Vecsey's article The deal strongly indicates Amar'e Stoudemire, if traded by the Suns before Thursday's 3 p.m. NBA deadline, is bound for Miami"

    It feels good to know that we could pull off this deal for little more than prospects, expirings and draft picks.

    Getting Amar'e early is worth the investment... yes, the draft pick(s) may develop as could our young players, but I am a strong believer in establishing a Big 3 and building around that.

    Is Amar'e, Beasley and Wade an elite Big 3? I think so...

    Jason Richardson is a bum, but he is talented and we won a title with talented bums like J-Will and Antoine Walker... so maybe taking him will not be the end of the world.

  25. Cavs strike deal for Wizards’ Jamison

    By Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports
    40 minutes ago

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached agreement on a six-player, three-team trade that lands them former All-Star forward Antawn Jamison(notes), league sources with knowledge of the talks told Yahoo! Sports.

    The Cavaliers are sending center Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) and a first-round pick to the Wizards. The Wizards also will receive Brian Skinner(notes) and Al Thornton(notes) from the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavaliers will get point guard Sebastian Telfair(notes) from the Clippers. The Wizards will send Drew Gooden(notes) to the Clippers.

    The Washington Post first reported the Wizards had agreed to send Jamison to the Cavaliers.

  26. What must Steve Kerr be thinking right now?

  27. "Can someone book my flight for Tahiti and while i'm gone, call the movers to ship my belongings to cleveland" steve kerr new vp, cleveland cavaliers

  28. If the Suns trade Amar'e they will have to find a way to rid themselves of a bad contract and get a draft pick... otherwise they should not move him.

  29. Great post to Cyrus I just got caught up into the Cavs deal....

    Chalmers gets a D- or F. He lost his starting spot that was given to him to Carlos Arroyo and I remember Riley saying don't make me sign a vet to take your spot and he signed 2 of them. That speaks volumes.

    Arroyo should get a B or B- when considering this team's PG's, he's the pick of the litter here, Big Kat should get a B- as well. He's only our best rebounding C and enforcer. D-Wright should be a B- too, he's showing some consistency which from him is everything we could really as for from the SF spot with the ones we've got on this team currently, but I pretty much agree with everyone else's assessment.

  30. What must Steve Kerr be thinking right now?

    FEBRUARY 17, 2010 7:17 PM

    "Well Mr. Sarver, Sir I can fix this, I had Danny's word that he wouldn't make that deal until we got them to give us Beasley and both their 1st rounders. I don't know what happened, we had a deal. I'm gonna call him, I can fix this, just give me a chance... Remember we suckered Riley last time when we got Shaq, I'll get him again, no panic..."

    LMAO!!!!!!! Kerr's toast... He may be fired before Spo is ....LMAO!!!!!!!

  31. The other missing part of the Nate Robinson-Eddie House deal is expected to be Celtics guard J.R. Giddens, Y! Sports has learned.
    9 minutes ago from web Agent Bartelstien tells Y! he told C's House, barring something unexpected he will be traded to NY tomorrow. House not at Cs practice in LA
    28 minutes ago from web

  32. Agreed on Arroyo and Wright, they are right there. Big Kat doesn't get enough minutes, but does well when he is in. I think James Jones might resurface somewhere and do well if he gets traded.

  33. Also, Telfair currently is recovering from a reputured groin muscle and is expected to be out another 1-3 weeks.
    13 minutes ago from web An Ilgauskas buyout is not part of the trade under league rules. That is up to Z and the Wizards but it is quite plausible.
    18 minutes ago from web Telfair on last yr. of 2-yr, $3.5 million deal. Will be 3rd PG, same role Coby Karl & Cedric Jackson have been in this deal,
    19 minutes ago from web Snap reaction: This was Cavs dream back in Nov. & they did not have to give up Hickson

  34. Watching the game on anybody have other links to the game?

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  36. Beasley showed tonight that HE is the "caged boozer".