Friday, February 12, 2010

Rookies vs Sophomores

What's up guys, I'm on your side today. Lets go Beasley!

Ok so Derrick Rose is not playing which kinda sucks for the NBA and TNT as he was the biggest draw among all the players stepping into the court tonight(top 5 in Jersey sales this year, DAMN). I'm not sure what the starting line ups are so I will go by best player at each position.


PG: Russel Westbrook. From the Oklahoma City Thunder. Quickest player on the court tonight. He's the best perimeter defender for both teams as well

SG: OJ Mayo. The young and hyped shooting guard from the most surprising breakout team of the season, the Memphis Grizzlies.

SF: Danilo Gallinari. From "NEEEWWW YOORRKK! The streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you!" ooops sorry got carried away there. Anyway, he's the best shooter on both teams(He's in the 3pt shoot out actually, yay) and can surprise you with some good fakes and drives to the basket.

C: Brook Lopez. He's tall but slow and kind of robotic/stiff. Needs to work on his game because I see a bright future ahead of him.

And at forward from Kansas State, MIIIIICCCHHHHAEEEELLL BEEEEASSSSSLLLEEEYYYYY!!!!!! Ambidextrous, can drive with both hands. Has an overall smooth looking game. When his shot is falling he's kinda unstoppable.

Now for the Rookies.

PG: Stephen Curry. The Sophomore starters were easy to predict. Rookies are a little tough. I'm sure people would argue with me for Jennings as the starter here though. I'm curious to see how the coaches go with it. And some might say Evans but I think he should be the SG, since the alternatives at SG are not as good as the point guards. Anyway, I love this player. I really wanted this guy, I love his game, his attitude, and his skillset.

SF: Omri Casspi: Who else?

PF: Taj Gibson. Wow the frontcourt players this draft sucked. They badly needed Griffin.

C: Dejuan Blair. Believe it or not he's the only center listed on the roster for the rookies and he's 6'7". I could see Jerebko starting but he's listed as a forward.

And at shooting Guard. TYREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKE EVANS!!!!YEAH! I love this guy. He's an amazing closer, has deceptive handles, great creativity, and is overall by far the best player in the draft.

Edit: Rookies will win this game because Westbrook and Mayo are ball hogs.


  1. well, they may be facilitators on their teams, but i'm sure they want to show off in this game. it would be interesting if Beasley became a facilitator too. nice switch. all in all, he was high scorer for the rooks last year and should follow in his buddy Durant's footsteps this year too.

  2. Cruise said...
    Where is Haslem?

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 4:22 PM

    Hopefully he'll sub in for Beasley this game to give the Sophomore team more purity and grit. Of course those rookie big men are probably gonna pounce on him, but lets go purity!

  3. helium said...
    well, they may be facilitators on their teams, but i'm sure they want to show off in this game. it would be interesting if Beasley became a facilitator too. nice switch. all in all, he was high scorer for the rooks last year and should follow in his buddy Durant's footsteps this year too.

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 4:30 PM

    Guys like Westbrook I think are going to want to pass the rock though. PGs rarely look for their own, they want to show that they are team players and pass like hell. You rarely see PGs win MVPs in this event. Lots of signs point to Beasley having a big game. Plus I think the sophomore PGs are going to want to set him up for flashy crowd pleasing dunks. Although Westbrook and Gordon can both throw it down pretty nice too.

  4. I heard Spo gave Ewing a call, asking him to play Love over Beas in the fourth if he doesn't draw enough charges.

  5. Please no posters, be serious guys, I really dont want to change the settings. And if thats the real slledge........NO. If posters want to play jokes and have fun, go fuk up Ira's blog. Its not like its being put to good use.

  6. "Am I allowed on this blog? or this some elite club for MMM's homer retards?"

    Don't think you're really Sledge.

  7. And also,

    Chris said...
    Oh and good job Kbboy.. Just finished reading your post. I agree for the most part but I think you overblow the PF mismatch for Cleveland. None of those PFs they'll be going up against are as good as they were in their primes by a long shot. Gasol is in his prime but the Cavaliers have the power in the frontcourt with LBJ/Varejao/Shaq to take him out of his game a little bit. Also Kobe will be more interested in outdueling LeBron than feeding Gasol/Bynum which will work to Cleveland's favor like it has during their regular season meetings. But you overrate Shard and KG like hell offensively and underrate Varejao a little defensively. He has just enough in him to not get killed and lose the Cavs the series to those guys. Trust me, those two are the least of the Cavs concerns. With the Magic, it used to be a problem when they had BOTH Shard and Turk, two long tall shooters, but with just Shard.... If by some miracle he reverts to who he was in like 06 and 07, LBJ will just go on him in the 4th and neutralize him.

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 10:28 AM

  8. I'm hoping a trade goes down for at least one piece before the deadline... a point, small forward, anything. Just get my boy Wade some help out there.

  9. We need a focking VIDEO COORDINATOR. Since we promoted our video coordinator we have stuck in a mediocre mire. Riley get a damn video coordinator already, stop being so cheap.

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  11. eddieomaha said...
    I'm hoping a trade goes down for at least one piece before the deadline... a point, small forward, anything. Just get my boy Wade some help out there.

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 5:42 PM



  13. Since so many people put Haslem on the cross, it's only right that someone posts this humbling article on how Haslem has mentored Beasley and have a good relationship (no homo) than most of us would think.

    Note: the article has been shortened to fit the posting guidelines.

    As Beasley tried to defend himself and those too-small jeans against a horde of mercilessly heckling teammates, one voice boomed from the back.

    ``What do you have on, some male capris?'' Udonis Haslem shouted to Beasley as the room erupted in laughter.

    ``You got two choices. Either pull your shoes up, or pull your pants down. You're going to end up catching an ankle cold out there.''

    Whether Beasley is cutting up on the court or off it, Haslem is never too far behind to offer a joke or genuine advice to help the second-year forward continue his development.

    That process for Beasley shifts to the national spotlight Friday, when he joins a team of second-year players in the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge game at All-Star Weekend.

    While Beasley will be on the court at American Airlines Center, Haslem plans to vacation in the Bahamas. But count Haslem among those who are pulling hard for Beasley to have a breakout performance to showcase his improvement from last season.

    There might not be a more sincere or surprising bond in the Heat's locker room than the one Haslem and Beasley share.

    Beasley has been able to move forward this season, in part, because Haslem was forced to take a step back and relinquish the starting power forward spot he has held for five season, including Miami's 2005-06 championship run.

    ``I think it has worked out a lot, but it's still a season-long process,'' Beasley said of replacing Haslem. ``It has helped me be a better player. Udonis has obviously made his way in this league. For him to accept stepping back for me to grow says a lot.''

    The transition has been far short of flawless. Although Beasley opens games alongside Dwyane Wade and averages 30.9 minutes, he often has found himself on the bench in the fourth quarter. And although Haslem's playing time and statistics are the lowest since his rookie season, he often has been coach Erik Spoelstra's choice to close games.

    ``You always wonder how guys will accept roles that have changed, but two or three days after we did it, I knew it wouldn't be a problem,'' Spoelstra said. ``They're both into what's best for the team. Most NBA players say that. Not too many mean it. Udonis has been unconditional and Michael understands he's still learning, but his time is right now.''

    Foul trouble and defensive lapses have factored into Beasley's late-game absences. But there also have been times when Beasley has played well and still sat. That hasn't been easy for Beasley.

    ``He should be angry he's not playing in those moments,'' Wade said of Beasley. ``And he should be figuring out a way where he could get out there in those moments, because we do need him. But there's a reason why not. It's Coach's decision.''


    Haslem said both players have sacrificed and there is no power struggle at power forward, despite what fans might perceive as a polarizing issue.

    ``He's playing 30-some-odd minutes a game, starters minutes, and I'm playing 27,'' Haslem said. ``What do they want, him to play 48 and me to play none? I think we've got something good going. I take pride in seeing him do well.''

    ``There are going to be some things that I don't get and some mistakes,'' Beasley said. ``But it's getting better. The goal is to make it to the Sunday [All-Star] Game now.''


  14. so caron butler, brendan haywood, and deshawn stevenson for josh howard and gooden?

  15. Dallas can jump up to the 2nd spot with that trade man depth is crazy.

  16. not sure dallas can if they ontinue to play they way they have been

  17. Dallas is better then the Nuggets and the Spurs now.

  18. Jason Kidd
    Jason Terry
    Caron Butler
    Dirk Nowintski
    Brandon Haywood
    Shawn Marion
    Jose Juan Barea
    Erick Dampier
    Quentin Ross Deeeeep

  19. hi this is TylerD. i have to set up my own gmail account. too lazy right now.

  20. I now have gmail baby. by the way, my name isn't roman. that's my cousins name. no butler/haywood. now what?

  21. maybe all the talk of riley offering beasley for amare is just so riley could look better if he does get amare without giving up beasley. so what will it be? jermaines expiring or haslem and q-rich. hopefully the suns owner still has a soft spot for q-rich. steve kerr has to get at the minimum hickson for amare. even then, he gave shaq to cavs for nothing so he can't just give them amare for nothing too. or can he? kerr should want to help riley. every GM in the NBA should help the heat. haven't they seen how much us heat fans have been suffering for the last 4 years? something's gotta give.

  22. nice blog kbboy80.

    even i-win is somewhat rational on this blog.

  23. rose is 75% chance to play in all-star game.

  24. so cross butler off the list. now either iguodala, joe johnson or rudy gay. rudy gay is 23. bosh is turning 26 next month. wade just turned 28, beasley just turned 21. that would be a nice young team.