Friday, February 12, 2010

The view from behind: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself?????

Here the Miami heat stand, under .500, lost, seemingly at a crossroads and looking for a 2 game resurgence to turn things around. Fine, nobody expected great things out of this team right? Nobody expected the Grizz or OKC to play as well as they have, but that's a little off my point. The Cavs? Did anybody expect THIS? I must admit I did somewhat, even tho they got off to a rocky start, I stood behind the Shaq deal 100%. Seems like its paying dividends. The Lakers & Celtics? Ehh, about right especially with the Boston season so dependent on health, probably more than any other team. The Magic? The Carter deal I said would be hit big or miss horribly, the verdict has yet to be rendered.
The point I want to make is look at where the Heat stand, now look at whats in front of them. There are more teams in front of them but these are their main concerns when it comes to the future. So I ask you.....who's afraid of the big bad wolf? And exactly who is the wolf anyway? All of these teams the Heat has played....well. In some instances, very well. Yet and still, I hear so much chatter of how hard it will be to dethrone these teams, even tho the team that wears the crown, LA, was a few missed fts, layups, and bonehead decisions from being ran over in the title game by an upstart Magic team who's 2nd best player was coming back from injury. Lets examine exactly what we are dealing with here....

CLEVELAND: Lebron James is playing out of his mind. Fine and dandy, he won MVP LAST YEAR, so all this is nothing new. Let him sing and dance to another number 1 seed. No 1 person can win a ring. That should take the fear out of that one. Yes he has Shaq now, and that's some serious help even at this age, but what about the rest of his team? What makes his team so good is BALANCE, not talent. There's no real glut of talent there, but it is very well balanced. They have plenty of big men, shooters, scorers, facilitators and defenders. So wheres the weakness? Well, talent is one. If Mo "Scottie Pippen" Williams (as he seems to think he is), has to be depended on heavily, can he come thru? I doubt it. What about the bench vs the starters? Again, solid role players, but not much real talent. Cleveland's problem will be when it becomes a game of matchups. Will Lebron play pf? Can Moon actually do it? I ask these questions because the 4 spot is what will hurt them. Odom, KG, Shard, Sheed are all matchup nightmares. KG to a lesser extent because of his knee, but there's nobody u can double off of with a healthy Boston. If hes right, they have no matchup for him there. With Shard and Odom, unless LBJ comes to the rescue, it will be a nightmare. Aside from there, their starting back court is much to small, and their backups are much too limited on offense. Plus Mike Brown is retarded. I have never seen an NBA coach admit he doesn't run an offense.

BOSTON: This team is balanced and talented. Problem is, they are old. Absurdly old. Not by number, but the bodies are falling left and right. These guys have a very short window and wont be the Heats concern next season.

ORLANDO: EXTREMELY talented and deep team.....just as equally stupid and almost as equally unbalanced. They have everything you want talent wise. Size, shooting, penetration(no not that way Slledge),defense, depth, big men who shoot from outside, big men who score inside, big men who rebound, you name it. Two areas they needed improvement in, they went and got it. In JWill they added a player with a high bball IQ, and in Carter they got a deadly one on one scorer/finisher. The problem was, in the process they lost their only facilitator. They picked up one in Jwill, but there's only so much he, as your backup, can do. And at this stage, all he is , is a backup. If Jameer was having that magical season again, maybe they overcome it, but hes not having that. As it stands, they miss Turk even way more than I expected. Turk was a matchup problem and extremely underrated defender. He wasn't important stat wise, but he is what made that engine run. A passer and ball handler that could see over the top of anybody who was in front of him. Lets not underestimate his pension for taking and making the big step back three.

LAKERS: On to the big boys. This is the team everybody is gunning for....and they are extremly overhyped. Really good team, but not in the least bit unbeatable. The lakers have one clear advantage over whoever they play thats not named a healthy Boston team. And that's length to go with talent and athleticism. Bynum Gasol, and Odom coming at u is hard to handle. Boston is built to handle that team, and would do so with no doubt in my mind if they met in the finals. Gasol is a great player in today's nba, extremely smart, skilled, and scores in the paint. The problem is he is still very soft and plays no d. He makes up for it with his length and smarts. Get KG and Perkins to bitch him around, and he will disappear . How many teams can present that tho? CLV has, possibly what it takes to do that, but with Varajeo in the game, it makes it easier for PAU to be unexposed to any fouls, which allows him to help Bynum with Shaq, or be a deterrent at the rim. When Odom comes in, the ONLY answer is LBJ. Thats too much thinking for Mike brown. No need to even discuss what Odom did to Rashard, altho, with Bass they should be able to help Howard on the glass when Shard turns into a bitch. Wheres the Lakers weakness? Simple, its DEFENSE. They play very solid and smart, but Artest is the only defender that makes a difference. Fisher and Farmar can be abused and if u can get 2 productive bigs against that front court, that will leave Gasol exposed as the crappy defender he is.

All of this as it concerns the Heat is to show how flawed each "contender" is, and how any of them could take out the other. That being said, y is anyone afraid that we cant build a team to knock these guys out the box? Aside from Orlando, these teams have extremely weak benches when it comes to talent. What they do have tho is versatility. That's what makes a bench. LA Being able to have either Gasol or Bynum at center at all times, makes it easier to roll out Farmar and Sasha. Same thing with having Artest and Gasol both then being backed up by Odom. Clv has 4 guys that can be used at pg and sg, 3 guys that can be used at sg/sf, and 3 guys that can play center....all within its 8 man rotation. Boston pretty much has the same except with a deeper rotation at pf.

So while we are all concerned with what these teams have NOW ,what WE(the Heat) could do, even without adding Bosh or Amare, could sh*t on any lineup these teams will have next year. Bring us Joe Johnson, Camby, Kirk and Nate Robinson to what we have now. Bring us Kaman, Gay, and Felton. Bring us Haywood, Prince, and Baron. The possibilities are out there and are endless. Add any of those guys to the team we already have, in any combination thru free agency, trade or whatever, and watch how "deep" this team suddenly becomes to the basketball nation. Lead by a rejuvenated Wade, a more experienced Beasley, and hopefully a coach who likes offense, and I like our odds against ANY of these contenders next year.....I have spoken.


  1. Well done man (the shot at Slledge was classic!). You should take this up full-time. You're right, we're too far into the 2010 fantasy at this point to just suddenly give it all up for Amare. Stay put, Riley.

  2. My last post on Ira's blog:

    How can you even claim that a player with Beasley's current production when given 30+ minutes at PF, with the potential to become a great PF even before he reaches his mid-twenties, and still on a rookie salary for a couple more seasons, can somehow be a salary burden? What the hell are you smoking Ira? A Caged Boozer cigar?

    Your love for Haslem has no bounds. I bet once Beasley gets traded your next post will be how Amare can play center in the east and *Haslem* is a perfect compliment to him as a starting PF.

    Your blog has become a joke because all the good posters have left you for more objective blog pastures. You had a good thing going here, but your blatant lack of objectivity regarding both Haslem and Sporon has soured Heat fans' mouths worse than Sporon's inexplicable line-ups and rotations.

  3. My gosh that was a long blog. I should have went team by team and stretched it into 4 new posts. Buy myself some time off. lol. Anyway, you cats check out our sister blog over there(look on the right). Its from this sports reporter out in Cali whos live chat I use to visit, still do really.I think the paper he works for wont let him print the stories he Guess he got tired of being censored so I gave him the idea. Dude is good.

  4. lmao. hahahahahah Oxygen. Glad you guys are on board. He did have the best blog going. Guess he didnt know "we the people" were what made it so. And u know what? His was so crowded that he was the only blogger on the sun sentinel who never really responded on his own blog. He never really had to. He lost a good thing.

  5. Good blog post.

    I agree the Heat have been right there with the upper echelon, if not beaten them, but the fact that we lose to the middle-tier and bottom-tier teams is what makes it so hard to stand still.

    I can't recall who said it, perhaps Doc B, but this Heat team is extremely Bi-Polar, and that's why we're two games below .500

  6. Bosh sounds like he wants to be the main guy on his team.

  7. ^^^^ If that's Bosh's attitude, then I wish him the best of luck. The reality is, if LBJ or Wade or Bosh do not team up (or if either 3 do not benefit from major upgrades), then the Lakers have the title on lock for years.

  8. Bosh in that story is angling to ensure he gets a ma deal.......

    one fear about Bosh's play this year: CONTRACT YEAR.

  9. The reality is that the Raptors don't really have the flexibility to build around Bosh. Hedo ($9.8 mil), Calderon ($9 mil), and Bargnani ($8 mil) are going to prevent them from adding anyone other than a MLE. Plus, those guys deals all go up by $1 mil each over the next 3 years. Those are horrible deals and I don't see anyone taking those contracts on.

    Bosh averages 20ppg, 9.4rpg on 49% shooting for his career. He's been a 20/10 guy the last five years. You can't chalk up his play this year to him being in a contract year. He's not Mark Blount, he is 26 PF who can play center who is going to be an Allstar for the next 5-6 years.

  10. Im not chalking it up. I know he is 20/10 or close to it, but he seems to be overachieving this season. I'm saying I hope he is finally achieving elite status and not just playing out of his mind to ensure a max deal.

  11. Yet Bosh did acknowledge that he will consult his Team USA colleagues James and Wade, for advice if nothing else, before re-signing with the Raptors or orchestrating a sign-and-trade move elsewhere.

    “There’s nothing wrong with picking each guys' brain to see where they’re at and how they feel,” Bosh said. “I think talking to other people [is something] that'll help you make your decision a little bit more.”

    What do you think Wade is going to tell him? If Riley sticks to the plan Bosh will be receiving a max offer from the Heat.

    Wade and Bosh also have the same agent... don't think his agent won't let him know about endorsement opportunities in Miami versus Toronto.

    Since Bosh is a FA he basically has control of his own destiny. Yesterday Josh was saying if Bosh is made available tons of offers would come in. That's true, but what will teams be willing to offer if Bosh isn't willing to resign next year? The exact thing happened last year when GS backed out of the deal for Amare.

    I'm not sure why so many of you guys are adverse to getting Bosh. I'd like Beasley to succeed too, but if he doesn't get an opportunity than what's the point. The money could be used towards a guy that the Heat will actually play and embrace.

  12. FMB said...
    Im not chalking it up. I know he is 20/10 or close to it, but he seems to be overachieving this season. I'm saying I hope he is finally achieving elite status and not just playing out of his mind to ensure a max deal.

    I think he's getting the max regardless of whether he plays at an Allstar level or All NBA level. With so many teams having cap space and a limited number of max free agents (Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudamire). Either the Heat, Raptors, Knicks, Nets or Bulls will offer him a max deal... if not all 5.

  13. Bosh is one guy I would gladly give up on Beasley for.

  14. I would love a Bosh trade followed by a Iggy and Dalemdert trade......checkmate Eastern Conference.


    Goto work.

  15. Let me make this perfectly clear: I have not given up on Beasley, but I have given up on the Heat ever allowing/enabling him to reach his full potential. In the 38 games this season he plays over 30 minutes he puts up 21ppg, 8.5rpg on 50% fg percentage in 37mpg. This isn't a five game stretch at the end of the year "when the games are meaningless". This is 38 games in the NBA as a 21 year old playing out of position for nearly half those minutes. The Heat also win 60% of the games in which Beasley plays over 30mpg.

    Despite this, the Heat still jerk around his minutes and make excuses like his asthma is acting up or he needs to monitor his sugar intake. If they put half as much effort into letting him play as they did into d**king him around he'd probably be the third best PF in the East behind KG and Bosh RIGHT NOW.

  16. jb,

    we are on the same page. Beasley can be ballin and still get don't matter

  17. Or he gets benched before he even has a chance. He starts off 2-8 with something like 6 points and 6 rebounds in 22 minutes and he's on the bench for the rest of the game. How many times have we seen the guy get hot and rattle off 6-12 points in a couple minutes? You play him 12-15 more minutes, he gets hot, and then finishes with something like 22 points, 9 rebounds on 7-15 shooting and 6-7 from the FT line.

    A lot of times guys who are gifted offensive players start off slow for whatever reason and get hot for a stretch later in the game.

  18. It just easier for Spo to ignore Haslem's shortcomings than Beasley's because Beasley's are new and scary, while Haslem's are old and comforting.

  19. when in doubt dim-witted people always to revert to what is familiar, regardless of what they have learned.

  20. Nice post Kbboy. To me the Magic are the scariest team if they ever get it together. I like them coming out of the East. I think the Cavs have overtaken that 2 spot in the east ahead of Boston. The X factor for boston is Marquis Daniels IMO

  21. Wow.....

    "He's playing 30-some-odd minutes a game, starters minutes, and I'm playing 27," Haslem said. "What do they want, him to play 48 and me to play none? I think we've got something good going. I take pride in seeing him do well."

  22. Udonis Haslem has been replaced in the starting lineup by young forward Michael Beasley, but the veteran is still content in Miami.

    "I think it has worked out a lot, but it's still a season-long process," Beasley said of replacing Haslem. "It has helped me be a better player. Udonis has obviously made his way in this league. For him to accept stepping back for me to grow says a lot."

    Beasley finds himself on the bench in the fourth quarter a lot, but Haslem's minutes are still the lowest since his rookie season.

    "You always wonder how guys will accept roles that have changed, but two or three days after we did it, I knew it wouldn't be a problem," coach Erik Spoelstra said.

    "They're both into what's best for the team. Most NBA players say that. Not too many mean it. Udonis has been unconditional and Michael understands he's still learning, but his time is right now."

  23. "Offensively, he's being more patient, taking his time, making smarter plays and making his teammates Beas-Haslem better," Haslem said. "Defensively, he's not right all the time. But I can see him trying to get to the area. I can see him fighting his guy in the lane for position, trying to make it tough on the catch. As opposed to being in the right place 50 percent of the time last year, he's there 75 to 80 percent this year. That's much better."

    Beasley knows there's only one way for him to be a closing player as the Heat prepares for its stretch run of the season.

    "I have to do my part, handle my business," Beasley said. "I have to make it almost impossible for him to take me out of the game."

    Spoelstra insists he would like nothing better.

    "He's progressing," Spoelstra said. "But we also need him right now. We need production from him and for him to be solid."

  24. "I have to do my part, handle my business," Beasley said. "I have to make it almost impossible for him to take me out of the game."

  25. Of course by the time Beasley is an allstar talent he will be on another team.........


  26. lmao @ those comments. Are they for real? I can't believe Haslem of all people gets to place judgment on Beasley.

  27. It would be like the Black Eyed Peas talking sh*t about Metallica.

  28. Those r all real quotes, chris

  29. Oh and good job Kbboy.. Just finished reading your post. I agree for the most part but I think you overblow the PF mismatch for Cleveland. None of those PFs they'll be going up against are as good as they were in their primes by a long shot. Gasol is in his prime but the Cavaliers have the power in the frontcourt with LBJ/Varejao/Shaq to take him out of his game a little bit. Also Kobe will be more interested in outdueling LeBron than feeding Gasol/Bynum which will work to Cleveland's favor like it has during their regular season meetings. But you overrate Shard and KG like hell offensively and underrate Varejao a little defensively. He has just enough in him to not get killed and lose the Cavs the series to those guys. Trust me, those two are the least of the Cavs concerns. With the Magic, it used to be a problem when they had BOTH Shard and Turk, two long tall shooters, but with just Shard.... If by some miracle he reverts to who he was in like 06 and 07, LBJ will just go on him in the 4th and neutralize him.

  30. Ohshz said...
    Those r all real quotes, chris

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 10:20 AM

    Haslem and Spo are insane. I can't believe they're still trying to justify what they are doing. Nobody in this franchise is willing to call these two out because they have too much influence.

  31. I don't see anything wrong with what Haslem is saying. He is a competitor. He wants to play, he wants to compete. If his attitude was "the team would be better with Mike playing 35 minutes and me playing 15" he would still be in France eating Big Macs.

    I've come to the conclusion Spoelstra isn't doing a very good job and this is definitely a part of it. In two years he's already been second guessed by JO, Wade, Beasley, Arroyo, and even Riley.

  32. I think "justsaying" is williams46... or atleast closely related to him like a cousin-brother.

  33. Shaq really just has to let it go with this Dwight shit. check out his latest comments

    "The latest came from O’Neal’s disdain for Howard’s need for help when defending the 7-foot-1 center.

    “When I was coming up, I never doubled anybody,” O’Neal said. “You tell me who’s the real Superman? For 18 years straight, Ewing, Rik Smits, David Robinson, Tim Duncan … straight-up. I never doubled anybody, nor have I ever asked for a double team.”

    As O’Neal walked away from the horde of reporters near his locker, he muttered, “Superman, my (expletive).”

    O’Neal is proud and protective of his nicknames. He’s had a ton during his 17 years in the NBA, and it’s obvious to everyone that Howard’s “theft” of one of O’Neal’s earliest has struck a nerve.

    “That’s (Shaq’s) nickname,” Cavs forward LeBron James said. “The fact that someone gave Dwight his name bothers him a little bit.”

    The potential blockbuster matchups between the two — one of the big reasons Cleveland acquired O’Neal in the first place — have been decidedly lackluster in the two meetings this season.

    “Both times we played, me and Shaq have been in foul trouble and have had limited minutes,” Howard said. “I don’t have a problem with Shaq, and I really think he doesn’t have a problem with me. I just want to do well in my career and be considered as good as Shaq when it’s all over.”"

  34. The Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards are discussing a potential trade that would send Ray Allen, Brian Scalabrine and J.R. Giddens to Washington in exchange for power forward Antawn Jamison and small forward Caron Butler, unidentified league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

  35. flopashaq last year on the howard dunk speaks for itself

  36. I wonder how it must be like for LeBron hearing Shaq trash all his former Olympic teammates in the locker room, who he has known since 2007.. like Howard, Bosh, Wade, and Kobe...

  37. "Cavaliers would love to get their hands on Wizards forward Antawn Jamison. However, The Washington Post recently reported that the Wizards were demanding top value in return. For the second year in a row, Szczerbiak, who can be signed for as much as a pro-rated $16.4 million, is Cleveland's biggest trade chip. Szczerbiak is unsigned and hasn't played this season, but the Cavs still own his Bird rights and can include him in a sign-and-trade, a la Keith Van Horn in 2008. Sources believe the Cavs will wait until close to the deadline to make a deal in the hope that teams become willing to dump top players for little more than salary-cap relief."

    Read More:

    On top of Z's expiring, Cleveland can also sign Szczerbiak up to $16.4 million to bring someone back. They've got $26 million in expirings and are not afraid of any contract. They're going to get help.

  38. Damn JB. Man it must be great to have Bird rights. You don't even have to play basketball to get money.


  40. I hope we get Amare simply to hear Spo's post game comments on why he choose to use Haslem for the whole 4th quarter after Amare had 20pts through 3 quarters........

    We needed defense and Haslem brings the purity and energy we need to play Miami Heat basketball.

    Then all these fools who think Haslem is awesome can gizz themselves as Haslem ruins this franchise.

    At this point I want Riley to fock this up, just so the Haslem lovers can see the grass isn't greener on the other side.

    IF Beasley gets traded, he is a sure-fire allstar next season.

  41. "Oh Amare had served his purpose, and it was time for Haslem to close the game out"

  42. It looks like this Beasley for Amare trade has legs. What a friggin shame.

  43. I think "justsaying" is williams46... or atleast closely related to him like a cousin-brother.

    There's something going on there. Those are the only two people on the blog that I've gone out of my way to insult. There's definitely some multiple screen name business going on over there though (even outside of the obvious impostor trolling). It's funny.

    Good breakdown, kb. Orlando's up and down has surprised me a bit, but that's what you get when you hitch your wagon to Vince Carter. I think Shaq is really going to help against them if they meet in the playoffs. He can just lean on Dwight, whose offense is already pretty limited, and keep him out of favorite spots. Williams and West will need to not be in the Witness Protection Program again, but Moon and Parker are in the mix now as well.

    It looks like Cleveland/LA, but if we do what we need to this offseason, I don't really fear anyone.

  44. I can't believe the Amare infatuation has even gone this far; granted, it's nothing but speculation. Given the financials, contract, injury history, aversion to halfcourt/defense, I don't see why you risk it with a 16/7 21-year old who'd be the equivalent or better without these silly politics.

  45. I hope our boy will do great tonight. He needs it bigtime.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. OK, everyone go to ESPN's NBA frontpage, check that picture of Brandon Jennings and tell me he doesn't look right out of some early/mid 90's high school yearbook; maybe a promo shot for a R&B group around that same timeframe. Who gets their hair cut like that any more?

  48. kid n play?';%20

    beaz and sophmores at dallas';%20

  49. I don't think there's anything to the Stoudamire sepculation. It just the media trying to gain interest. Similar to when a storm is coming and it's all you see in the news.

    Trading for Amare means cashing in most of the expirings for guys who are already passed their prime and on the downward arch of their careers. That's what got us into this mess in the first place and one of the main reasons Riley was waiting until 2010... or atleast that's what I thought.

  50. wade';%20

    wade and westbrook...mention of wright in bahamas....that's where the paper said Udonis was going....Spo applying the lube?';%20

  51. looks like wallace got his hair did for the weekend!

    toss up between him and jennings.

  52. Great insight's kkboy

    I think the Cavs are what they are a great regular season team. Even with Shaq onboard I don't think they're going to get pass the ECF's even with HOME COURT ADVANTAGE. Lebron's the BIW period.

    Boston look's older each game. HEALTH IS THEIR ONLY ISSUE.

    The Magic are the deepest team in the East. Ewing finally putting his impact on Dwight like Yao. Lewis is a mismatch nightmare for almost any PF. I really like Pietrius, he can defend, shoot the 3 and finish at the basket. Nelson doesn't look right, he looks like Wade after his shoulder separation not good, but not to bad either. Bass, Barnes, J-Will rounds out the rotation. X-Factor "Half Man" no longer "Half Amazing", altho the 48 was huge. It depends on which Vince Carter shows up expect either an "Early Exit or Long Playoff Run". When Vince is rolling they're really good, but come in the PO's will the loss of Hedo haunt them in the half-court game?

    The Champs LA Lakers... Like Gasol and Phil Jackson said now that Kobe's got the Lakers All-time scoring record will they get back to playing team ball. They've looked great sans Kobe lately, but outside of Denver, maybe SA Spurs and possibly a 1st round war with OKC they're pretty much a lock to come out of the West.

    Now the Heat.... ahh GOD!!!!

    You know what's funniest about this team right now. Is this team could/should/would be better if not for 2 main reason's.

    1)Spoelstra 2)Haslem

    Now I know that, that's not a "News Flash" to anyone, but to just here their comments is mind-bottling.(Will Ferrell "Step Brothers")LMAO

    Now I find nothing wrong with Haslem saying what he said about splitting playing time and wanting to see Beasley do well, but what I do have a problem is with Haslem giving his assessment of Beasley's d (75-80%), like he's an All NBA any team defender or former DPOY winner or something. Am I missing something here? If Beasley's 75-80% Haslem must be 50-60% then...LMOA

    If you look at many Heat game this year and I think I watched quite enough to make an assessment. What is it that Haslem does remotely better than Beasley specifically on that side of the court (defensive), because it's not even worth the time talking about the the other end of the floor that the main reason (Spo) seems to not even consider a part of the game of basketball, besides takes "CHARGES".

    For Haslem and Spo to say 99% of the crap they said is that much more of the reason both shouldn't be around next season. Most of y'all know that I've been one of the only ones who wanted Haslem possibly back next year as long as he was going to be played as a BACK-UP PF, but he just can't keep his mouth shut.

    As for Spo I can't say anything about his stupidity that his "Fluid Purity Energy Bus Motor" mouth hasn't already exposed as anything other than a sham. But Spo's unbelievable at times. I forget who said it, but the fact that Riley, Wade, JO, Beasley and Haslem his "ROLE MODEL" has called Spo out speaks volumes.

    I almost want Riley to trade Beasley and him go play with a GREAT PG Nash and expose Spo, Riley, Wade and Haslem for what is already known to the fans, but unknown to the "PROFESSIONALS". That Beasley's growth has been stunted for 2 years and the entire Heat organization was a stumbling block to him. I'd hate to see Beasley traded but it seems he'll never really get a fair shake here as long as things stay the same.


    Too late to PANIC now Riley, you've sold us on the Hoopshype of 2010, so now it's time to stay the chorus. Sit or preferably trade Haslem and see if Beasley is really going to be apart the future plans which he should. Use some of the expiring's to improve this year's team and see what you've got going into the summer, but a trade of Haslem just maybe addition by subtraction in itself...


    hold up

    you're telling me you haven't even got to chapter 2 of The Energy Bus yet Michael?......Udonis, get in.

  54. Yea d webz haslem the great needs to go he sounds more an more jealous everytime he is asked about Beasley trade him for hinrich or Augustine an move on

  55. Chalmers cook d wright an of course beasley should be getting more min second half a season except for chalmers if it's gonna take min from arroyo and with Wade gettin more min at pg(which he should since that's his best pos) let's go young gunzs save the season

  56. The recaptcha thing has been removed from Ira's blog.

  57. Haslem an q rich/jones for hinrich an Thomas maybe we throw in a draft pick does this work under the cap

  58. hehe, Ira is stepping up his blog in response to this one.

  59. Ima write up a new blog, kbboy.

  60. "hehe, Ira is stepping up his blog in response to this one."

    So, what should we do now?

  61. Does Ira have a chat? Case closed :P

  62. I think you guys are severly understating Cleveland. I don't remember LeBron guarding Odom in neither of the 2 games the Cavs beat the Lakers in (including the 25 point drubbing in LA on national Tv). Not to mention they've beated Orlando twice already, once without Mo Williams & the other time, they blew them out.

    As far as the Celtics go, if they're healthy, they beat ANYBODY. Lakers, Cavs, Magic, whoever. That's just how good they are, & hungry they HAVE to be since their window is closing fast.

  63. Allright I put up a game thread for the Rookies/Sophomores game. Although i'm sure once the game is about to start everyone will jump onto the chat anyway.

  64. Am I allowed to post here?

  65. Am I allowed ot post here or is this blog for MMM's homer retards?

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    my ass felt amazing, feeling Duke’s hard doggie dick slamming me from
    behind. After what seemed like only a few mintues, Duke slowed his hips

    “Ohhh fuuuuuuuckkkk” I said.

    “Mmm … yeah dude… .take his knottt” Mark told me, as I could see him
    and Jake on the cough, jacking their leaking cocks at the scene of me
    getting used from both ends. Duke turned completely around until we were
    ass to ass and I could feel his cum start pouring into my ass, his knot
    feeling like it was ripping me apart. At the same time though, FUUUUUCK
    was it hot getting filled with doggie cum on one end and getting filled
    with Ray’s cock on the other.

    “Well boys, now he’s ours until Duke is done breeding that ass” Jake said,
    him Ray and Mark all standing up and coming over to me. First Mark came up
    to me. He stood directly infront of my face. I opened my mouth, Mark
    putting his uncut dick in, letting me lap at his foreskin and his head,
    before he kept sliding it in. I tried to deep throat as much as I coudl.

    “Fucking take that cock, bitch” Jake told me as Mark kept pushing in.
    Finally almost all of his dick was deep in my throat, making me gag with
    every extra push.

    “SUck my fat dick guy, your mouth is sooo fucking hott” Mark was moaning.
    After about 20 minutes of Jake, Mark, and Ray using my mouth for their
    dicks, I felt Duke’s cock slip out of my dog cum filled hole. Before I had
    time to think, Jake’s cock was up my ass, slamming me just as hard as Duke
    did 5 mintues before, Mark pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. My
    hard cock was ready to explode without me even touching it, already leaking
    precum all over.

    “Mmmm your fucking ass is soo hot. I’m going to fucking fill ur ass again
    bitch .. MMM FUUUUUCKKKK” Jake yelled as he started pumping load after load
    of his cum into my already full ass. Jake slid out of my oozing ass, which
    was filled again by Ray’s 9in dick.

    “OH SHIIIIIT” I yelled. Although my ass had just been slammed and pounded
    by Duke and Jake, his 9 in rod slammed into my ass. I could feel the cum
    moving around with every thrust his 9 in cock gave me. Jake was spent,
    sitting on the couch, watching me get pounded by Ray. Ray pulled out.

    “Get on your back on the couch boy” I did as followed. Ray lifted my legs
    in the air onto his shoulders and continued working on my ass.

    “Ohhh fuck yeah dude” Ray was whispering under his breath, his head back
    and eyes closed. “MMmmm yes .. fuuuuuuuuuuckkk.” Ray slammed his cock
    once again as hard as he could deep into my ass.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK” he yealled as cum started pouring from his
    cock into my ass. Ray pulled out of my ass which started pouring cum out,
    before Mark got back there and started drinking the the cum that was
    leaking out of my ass, drinking all three loads that had been fucked up