Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Didn't Ask Me, But I Will Tell You Anyway...

Cheap Knock-off of A New Day's Idea Today To Answer Questions

These are from the Herald's Heat live chat ...ZoFighting

Most Recently Answered Questions

Q: I'm a huge Heat fan and as soon as Bron mentioned he was going to retire he's #23 i knew only possible cities were Chicago or Miami. But what do you think of a possible return to the sidelines by Alonzo Mourning? I know he's 40 years old now but 12-18 minutes a night is well enough for this cast? What do you think? Is February an option for return? Eddy B

A: Look at Brett Favre, look at Alonzo. Look at Brett Favre, look at Alonzo. I would think a guy like Alonzo could still play in this league. I have heard things about that patellar tendon injury in 2007 that make it sound like it was what forced him into retirement. To me, that is more encouraging than if it were the kidney that concerned him. I expect Alonzo is secretly working on his game and if he feels good, he may report for active duty. I believe you can never have enough talented big men, which is why Juwan Howard's roster spot is justified. If Alonzo can be on your defensive unit, you have just eliminated another weakness on a team that has precious little to expose.

Submitted by Romario

Q: It is time to quit hating and come to a realization that the Miami Heat are arguably the best team in the NBA. The THRINASTY is a bond created from drat day seven years ago, played together in the Olympics, and is a special relationship you will most likely never see in sports again. This is a unique situation where friendship, cap space, and family got this deal done. Riley and Wade thank you. Sit back and enjoy the show

A: Preaching to the choir. Next time I will need a question mark somewhere in there so I can do my job, but what the heck, I will sit back and enjoy the show.

Q: very respectfully think that you do not respect the play of Carlos Arroyo on your final analysis or you have it playing in the rotation you know Carlos Arroyo has always had to shut his mouth to people like you who just think that the best players are those that are produced in the United States fortunately in recent years has shown that basketball has grown.

A: I think Carlos is the only prototypical point guard on this roster. He should work on his jumpshot if he wants to hold onto his spot long term, because his spot is very coveted. He should be very proud of himself for putting himself in this position after playing in Israel. Miami actually has three other guys who have worked on their game abroad - Big Z is from Lithuania, Joel Anthony and Jamaal Magloire grew up in Canada, Udonis Haslem got ready for NBA duty by spending a year in France's pro league and Pat Beverley has been transitioning into a PG in the Ukrainian and Greek leagues. I don't think Riley believes that the best players are produced in the US, but moreso that an American prospect has one less question mark than an international one. For the purpose of this question, I consider Arroyo to be an American prospect as he played college ball at FIU.

Q: Q: Does Carlos Arroyo have a chance this year? He did better than Chalmers last year and is good for the Latino fan base. This has nothing to do with any fan base; this is about championships. I suspect this season will start like last, with the starting job at point guard being Mario's to lose. But if Carlos has a strong showing at the World Championships with Puerto Rico, I would not be surprised if LeBron and Dwyane take note and perhaps make a note of it with Erik think of this

A: Arroyo is your back up point guard. There is nobody like him on the roster and he makes a lot of sense if a true second unit is used. With that said, I expect his minutes could be cut severely from last year as there could be a lot of lineups with LeBron or Dwyane running the offense.

Q: Charles was a great ball player, but now he is playing a new position and that is the loud mouth EX-Player. Charles I am a fan of yours and I am disappointed with you and your tunnel vision, you value your own opinion to much. you see thats all your talking is, an opinion. charles you are still ok with me even if it does not matter to you. charles do me a favor shut up get off Bron. every great player who has won the NBA title has had Great players playing with Magic, Mike, Bird, even you tried to hook up with the Dream. charles lets stop the Black on Black crime..

A: Barkley was a loud mouth player and has always said how he felt at the moment. If he changes his mind, he will not shy away from admitting as much. In fact, Barkley has moved from the Sixers to the Phoenix Suns where he led Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle to an NBA Finals. He thinks that is different because he was clearly superior to those two, but he fails to realize that LBJ is so good that he feels superior to his teammates as well. He respects their games, but nobody can convince him LeBron James is not the best player in the world... therefore anybody that plays with him is his supporting cast. The perception that he has joined Wade's team does not intimidate him, because he has seen how Shaq and Wade spent a year and a half saying it was the other guy's team and eventually it no longer mattered... the same will happen here.

Q: Hello, Michael Wallace, How will new Heat addition, Mike Miller fit in the Miami Heat's system of playing basketball on the court? Will Haslem return for his 7th season with the Heat? What do you think about the new big three of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the same Miami Heat team? take care.

A: It will be interesting to see if Miller actually cracks the starting lineup as having LeBron at the point, Wade at shooting guard and Miller at small forward could make this the most intimidating starting lineup in the league. In addition to being an excellent shooter, Miller is also a good rebounder and passer. I will always remember Riley talking about the future of basketball in 2003. He said that the game had evolved to a point where you did not need true centers or point guards, just a lot of guys around 6'5" and 6'10" who could really play the game. Welcome to the future guys. True point guards and centers are going to be chess pieces, but the building blocks are those 6'5" - 6'10" ballers. What a change from the Shaq and Zo years.

Q: Lebum is the only guy in the league that I hope gets an career ending I don't have to see the stupid faces that he makes..chalk in the air..I wish he would've taken his talents to Europe...enjoy the NBA's most hated player Miami! Come to think of it, the Heat are the Oakland Raiders of the NBA - Finally, Lebum said he's keeping track of all the negative stories and comments people have made - yeah right...he would have to get a computer with 1000 Gigabyte hard drive to store all the negative comments that fans, players, etc. have been saying. And whats he going to because of it? Stop choking in the playoffs - the opposite will happen - Lebum and his management dream team of morons/idiots will never get BIG advertising deals in the future because what BRAND wants to be endorsed by a VILLAIN...Lebum thought he could take 10 Million a year less with Miami and it wouldn't matter because of his endorsement deals...oops - I predict even NIKE drops him when they realize EVERYONE outside of Miami HATES LEBRON JAMES...I will be tossing my Nike B-ball in the trash and buying some Converse - anyone that pays Lebron James money ids getting boycotted by me...As a season ticket holder in LA - I have already given my tickets for Miami's game in LA away...I will not profit or support that BUM or his team...D.Wade and LeBum said the rest of the NBA should thank them for helping them sell tickets...EGO's are out of control - Sorry D.Wade no more T Mobile commercials for you either

A: If your question was "Should I seek counseling?", then my answer is immediately.

Q: What's going on Mike, I've heard your interview on the "Armando & The Amigo Show" and I must admit it was lively to say the least. The guys said that LeBron James would be a "punk" if he did not confront Sir Charles Barkley and I agree to a certain extent. A fight with Barkley has suspension and fine from the NBA written all over it. I know it's the right thing to do if we were on the streets but we're not on the streets anymore Mike. Lebron James is a walking multi-million dollar superstar and Sir Charles Barkley is a Hall of Famer. I highly doubt, LeBron meant that he was going to fight every single person who said something negative about him or the Heat. I'm a true LeBron James fan and I support him no matter what decision he made. I believe that he was just letting his true fans know that he is hearing all of the critics and that he won't let us down during the season. Besides he's not the only one to take mental notes. Michael Jordan took mental notes back in his day, so much so, that the media use to think that he was making them up just to get himself pumped up for the game. I'm not comparing LeBron to Jordan, personally I have always thought of LeBron more Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan. I've always thought of Dwyane Wade as more Jordan-esque than LeBron. What I'm trying to say is would LeBron still be considered a "punk" if he called up Sir Charles Barkley and they talked over their differences. Instead of coming to blows as if they were back on the streets because I state again we're not on the streets Mike. And LeBron isn't trying to jeopardize playing next season let alone his career.

A: I think LeBron would just say that he has spoiled a lot of analysts.

Q: Do you see LeBron James playing the Magic Johnson role (point guard or point forward)on this team and averaging a triple double?

A: Averaging a triple double will be tough this season, but I think he has a legitimate shot at averaging ten assists. LeBron loves to set guys up for easy baskets and these guys will not miss too many easy ones. The rebounds have been increasing every year and I suppose he can make a real run at it. Last year he got really defensive about his ability to be scoring champ every year. If he gets really defensive about his ability to pull down 10 boards a night, he could probably do that too. I would have a really hard time betting against anything that he wants to do when it comes to individual statistics, but I would hope it does not become a meaningless obsession. The stats are a nice reflection of the work put in, but they should not be the ultimate goal. LeBron's stats will be insane and I think it is reasonable to see rebounds and assists to go up while his scoring goes down.

Q: Who do you believe will be the leader of this Miami Heat team? And do you believe it will take long for their chemistry to develop? I think it will be co-lead by Dwyane Wade and LeBron James with no problems. And I think Wade and James will be on the same page early on with the rest of the team to follow towards the middle of the season. Besides Wade is quoted saying that he's played with LeBron more than he's played with his own teammates.

A: Wade will be the public leader for the first year and a half, but will say great things about LeBron being the best player in the game, which will keep LBJ satisfied. He can share the stage as long as he is still thought to be the best player. In reality they will be co-leading this ship and maybe should be co-captains. Bosh is an excellent player, but there is no need for three captains.


  1. Those are some LONG questions....dang!

  2. Q #1:
    Love Zo, but it seems to be that he has embraced the other side of the sideline, just like Atkins, I don't see him returning.

    Q #2:
    Should be a lot of FUN to watch. And no doubt they will be good, but lets see them play before we give them with the 2010 NBA championship trophy. There is an equally as impressive side on the other side of the USA that is coming off back to back championships (at a coach who has 11 rings).

  3. Q #3:
    Arroyo is a savy veteran player, but I must disagree with you a bit. He played way to safe for last years assist to turnover ratio to mean anything. He is a good off the dribble shooter (something we don't need him to do) and he give good effect on defense (but still not a strength). He is a good pick up as a 7th thru 12 man on any team, but his skills don't really fit what we need....still like the player.

  4. Q #4:
    I like House for the starting PG.

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  6. Nice... I did not really like the questions, but I gave my 2 cents.

  7. I like your answer on the last question. Wade is a standup guy, and he will make sure that he strokes James ego sufficiently enough to stay happy and quiet

  8. (jlak on SS blog)do you think they have spo there just to make lebron and wade feel good about themselves?