Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramifications of the NBA 2K11 Heat Starting Lineup


The new version of the popular video game will not be released until October 5th, which is a bit of a disappointment for people like myself who want to get a head start on the season. Quite frankly, I have already made the trades in the 2010 video game and actually sat back and watched the little video game dudes do their thing by putting the game in head coach mode. Coach Spoelstra had Chris Bosh starting the 4th quarter without Wade and James and took over the game, which brought a big smile to my face. I am not sure that would work out unless Bosh gets a quick breather halfway through the quarter, but it is fun to think about the options.

A very enticing option for coach Spoelstra is to keep either Wade or James on the floor at all times, never allowing the opposition a prime opportunity to make a run. However, this screen shot from the video game puts the spotlight back on the starting lineup. If memory serves correctly, Wade has not started at the point guard position since his rookie year and has publically said that he does not want to take Mario's job (prior to re-signing Arroyo, who is actually the incumbent at this point), but there is little doubt that the lineup above presents the team the best chance to win.

If the people at NBA2K11 are correct in their projection, it could push Chalmers from a projected starter all the way down to a reserve role. I do not expect many of you to shed a tear in the process either. Carlos Arroyo would give Mario a serious run for his money due to his being the only true point guard on the roster and you figure Eddie House would have a leg up in the combo guard world. Not to get carried away, but Pat Beverley could be the better option off the bench when the team wants to clamp down on the opposition.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what would happen to the perimeter rotation should Mike Miller enter the starting lineup, but I have a theory that this decision would bump Eddie House and James Jones up in the rotation at the expense of either Arroyo or Chalmers. This would be good news for me, because I am a big fan of the three ball.

For my taste, the starting lineup above is a no brainer and the only thing left to discuss is whether Dwyane or LeBron should get credit for being the starting point guard. Either one would make sense, but I think LeBron James needs it in order to regain his rightful spot in the hearts and minds of his fans. A lot of detractors of his decision would sit back and privately admit to themselves "I get it now".

You see, LeBron is going to play pretty much the same way no matter where he lines up during tipoff, but starting at point guard changes the perception dramatically. Any great point guard would want to have a great perimeter scorer at his side and a low post stud at his disposal, this is something that is easy to understand and digest for most basketball fans. Many LeBron fans feel betrayed by his decision to take "the easy way out", but this move would give them a prime opportunity to change their perspective on the situation and jump on the bandwagon.

While James definitely gains an edge by remembering all of the criticism that he has and will continue to receive, he really does not need or want half of his fan base to jump ship. He knows deep down that everything will be alright once the championships start rolling in, but the more witnesses that he can turn back into believers the more comfortable he will be in his transition. LeBron running the point is something that is bound to turn most cynics into giddy little school children. Magic Johnson was forced into early retirement due to his contraction of HIV and most fans that are old enough to remember it still feel a little bit ripped off about it. LeBron could help heal that wound in the history of the game a little by bringing back that "magic".

Pat Riley already told us the vision was LeBron as Magic Johnson, Dwyane as Kobe Bryant and Chris as Kevin Garnett, so should we really expect to have a below average point guard to get in the way of such a marketable starting lineup? I do not think so, especially when it is the one that makes most basketball sense as well. NBA fans, prepare to be wowed. A Miami Heat team with Mike Miller in the starting lineup will make this team even more invincible.


  1. So, that's a vote for the new blog format.

  2. I think Chris likes this post because it allows him to dream of a Chalmer-less future :)

  3. Kbboy80
    August 13, 2010 at 8:13 pm
    Oh yea I almost forgot, its my first day back….. *steps to the podium*

    I want to apologize to the team for my one game suspension. It was out of character but we are human. Sometimes we let our emotions, or a good bicycle joke, get the best of us.I was told I need to practice better blog etiquette but I mean, at the end of the day, we talkin bout practice man. Practice? How the hell am I suppose to my this blog better by practicing? Yea I know practice is important and all but we talking bout practice man. I know its not right to promote this kind of behavior but when I was right behind Cyrus with that double ejection, I was just sticking up for my teammate in the heat of the battle. I want to thank Chris, Oshz, Adrian,Dsky, MikeA, all my teammates that showed moral support during my suspension. I love you guys and I promise, nobody will blog harder, more intense, and more focused than you will see me for the rest of the season. I just want to say to the Heat organization, the Sun-Sentinel, and all my blog mates…..

    PURPLE DRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny stuff... I was at Disneyland but I found a way to get a post up by getting up at 5:00 am. This is the best team of bloggers I have ever come across. How is kb gonna make his teammates better by practicing though :)

  4. TylerD
    August 14, 2010 at 1:43 am
    i still remember when ira said during the 08/09 season, that instead of risking it all for 2010, the heat should have traded their expirings for michael redd and kirelenko.

    and the bloggers on here that were furious at riley for not taking on jason richardsons $14 million expiring contract to get the amare deal done. hahaha.

    the heat would have been paying amare $18 million this season if he didn’t opt out, or $16.5 million if they re-signed him for the max. and they would have been paying jason richardson $14.4 million this season.

    instead, the heat is getting lebron for only $14.5 million this season, the same amount they would have been paying jason richardson. that is pretty funny.


    So true. Riley needs to have a statue erected outside our arena.

  5. CyrusTheVirus
    August 14, 2010 at 5:11 pm
    August 14, 2010 at 1:35 pm
    BTW, reading Cyrus’ post at the Asylum about Beverly(and he brings up Butler), I am still pissed we have Arroyo and James Jones taking up f*cking roster spots..

    A trade will have to happen or somebody will have to be released at some point this season in order to bring in Butler. For now Arroyo, Jones and Magloire are on the roster in order to limit the amount of turnover that happens at once (Spoelstra worked too hard to get people on the energy bus to not have it transfer over – lol). If they cannot bring their games up to par, they will be waived once the team works its way out of the transition period.

  6. Nice format, though I prefer black fonts (and white backgrounds).

    Miller/LeBron/Jones (until Butler recovers)
    Anthony or Z (depending on opponent)/Pittman

    Suits: Chalmers, Butler, Howard or Jones (for now). Magloire?

    Da 'Bubble' - Arroyo, Chalmers, Butler, Howard and Magloire. Four out of those five will make it, at least 'til some day in late February. I think Magloire is the odd man out. Butler has way too much potential to give up on, injury or not. Mags is done, though you have to love his toughness, especially for a team that's lacking it (IMO).

  7. Re-post from that other blog:

    We have too many question marks. I’m not saying that we can’t win those games (against both Boston and LA), but we’re looking at ‘X – factors’ right now.

    1) What will Spoelstra do at PG? The truth is, at August 14, 2010, we don’t know. If Riley were coaching, we’d at least feel a little better about it. Or, if we had a bonafide good PG. Or, if Wade/LeBron came out and said that they were playing PG. But, all we have right now are ideas.

    2) Can Spoelstra design an offense that focuses on our strengths? Well, can he? This is a question mark. Not a weakness – just a question mark. And, it’s a question that will be answered in a few months.

    3) No one on this blog can tell me in all honesty that they’re happy with our centers. No, the sky’s not falling, but let’s be real. Just one decent body at center, or unexpectantly good play from Anthony/Z/Pittman, and we’re all talking about ‘fo-fo-fo-fo’…

    … if that ‘fo-fo’ reference confuses you, google “Moses Malone”, and look at his Philly years, especially the ‘82-’83 Championship season…

    4) Just to be clear, I do believe Anthony will improve, but how much? Z? He’ll probably be energized, but how will he rebound and defend? He WILL have a zillion open looks from outside – hope he makes the opposition pay! And, I’d love for Pittman to win the Super Rook award, and average 12-12 with good defense throughout the entire season. But, he’ll have to do waaaaaaaay better than he showed during the Summer League. Finally, I’m not sleeping on Beverley, Miller and House. I’ve got a real good feeling about those three additions.

    Miami’s final regular-season record? 67-12. Probably good enough for 1st seeding throughout the playoffs.

  8. I love the re-post... and I agree that we should probably try to change the type. Probably easier on the eyes. Increase the font size again too?

    67-15 sounds about right. They could do better, but things will have to fall their way. I have not seen a lot of Butler, but he seems to be a keeper.

    The center position is not too exciting today, but I think it can matchup and not give up too much. Just like those guys on the Bulls teams did. The game will be won by the guys playing the other positions most of the time.

    Joel Anthony as a starter is exciting, because he will have the highest winning percentage as a starting center in the history of the game if he can just keep his job long enough :)

  9. so u guys want the black font and white background? We can try it for a few days and see whats up.

  10. Sarge suggested it, so I tried it but personally, this white and black sucks. I will let the masses decide tho.

  11. That's funny, Cyrus - Joel Anthony might be one of the luckiest men on Earth.

    And, yeah, the white font/black page looks much better, I have to admit. But, the black font/white page is easier on the eyes. It's the old dilemma - form, or function. I could live with the white font - besides, Ira's blog has the white font, and I can barely stand who I have to share it with. Thank goodness the Unnamed One is not here...

  12. Oh yeah - the former General Math tutor subtracted 67 from 82, and got 12? Hahaha.
    Anyway, 67-15 should get us where we want to be. Now, in '11-'12, with the MLE, and Beverley/Pittman/Butler a year older and wiser (and LAL/Boston older, period), we should challenge the record. Still, the main goal is the championship.

  13. Just looked at Chicago's Bill Cartwright's playing stats. Not good at all. And, to be 7'1", you'd think he average more than around a block per game. And, that was during his first five seasons. After that, 0.5 blocks per game (or less).

    Anyway, his best season (stat-wise, IMO) was his rookie season, with the Knicks. By '89-'90, he was at 11.4/6.5, with 0.5 blocks per. Luc Longley's stats were even worse. But, I seem to remember both Cartwright and Longley being more competent than what their stats say. Oh well...

  14. Yeah, the Bulls centers were solid, yet unspectacular. They looked clumsy at times, but knew how to defend, etc. I think our guys could hang with them...