Thursday, August 19, 2010

SuperFriends to bring back Miami Swagger?

All of us remember the dancing that went on with the Cleveland Cavaliers. James and the gang would put a whooping on you and then they would dance and clown on you while you had to continue to play out a sorry blowout defeat in shame. We saw how it offended players around the league like Joakim Noah. Now, it seems, you will see it for the better part of 100 games a year.

It was evident at the introduction ceremony. These guys feel like they are the best in the business and do not care how you feel about what they do. They will win. They will win big and they will make any apologies for it. Miami - are you ready for this? I think you are. Quite frankly, this is the one thing that I appreciate about the Miami sports scene. We make great villains.

The Bad Boys of the NBA are back. Except, in this case, it is more like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith than Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer. It is going to be classic comedy all the way as we laugh all the way to the title. Is it sportsmanship? No. Do I care? No. Let others complain about our behavior, all we have to say is scoreboard. There is no team that will stop this team at full strength. Bet the house on it. Too much motivation and too much Miami swagger. We already won.


  1. Sorry about the hard read... struggle with some technical aspects when I have to add videos or pictures sometime. It is a short article. Mostly about envisioning the Cavalier antics happening in Miami and how it will make this a polarizing phenomenon very similar to the Miami Hurricanes football team. Do you love it or hate it? I love it. I don't need the trash talking and showboating, but I enjoy it. I laugh if my team can back it up. James was unable to back it up and now he has found some teammates that will most definitely back up his infectious swagger.

  2. I think you are going to see an ultra motivated Wade and Bosh. Even Lebron too. Wade is almost 29 and with a lockout looming, the time to strike is now for a championship. I see nobody stopping us to get at least get to the finals. In addition Wade has about 3-4 years left before LeBron is the sole best player on the team. This team will be a team for the ages. May god bless Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley!

  3. Cyrus, I dont want any of that dancing shit. Its cocky, arrogant, and its bad for the game. You have plenty of time to dance after winning. This shit is what fed Lebrons narcissism and his ego. Fuck the dancing

  4. I tend to agree with you Ohshz. There really isn't a need for it, but if LeBron and co. start acting a fool I am going to be laughing ans saying "do your thing boy", because I just want those guys to be happy and win titles.

    If they want to make a mockery of the league and show no respect, I will understand the backlash, but I will defend them and say "hey, they are just having fun doing what they do better than anyone else". There is a psychological part of the game and if your best way to get into others opponents heads is by being "classless", then do it. There are no unsportsmanlike penalties... have a good time and taunt away at those Celtics, Magic and Lakers... just be ready to put it down come playoff time - fo', fo', fo', fo' - if you can sweep them or come close to it, then you deserve to dance during timeouts.

    After all, it is that home crowd that you are playing for, not the opposing teams fanbase... screw them, we will love our guys anyway and they are just gonna hate regardless, so let them hate and just be you. I cannot see LeBron toning it down... he is who he is and now he has the teammates to back it up.