Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Banned from the Sun Sentinel

I have been removed by the resident moderator, Chris Tiedje. I refuse to show that guy a shred of respect for the way he protects the bald eagle. I encourage all to go over his head on the matter, because he will never watch after the best interests of that blog.

If indeed I am never reinstated (and I will not beg to go back to that rat infested hole), I will be living here in asylum. Perhaps even responding to some of your comments if you decide to stay there... not mad at you, I just could not do it. This space was my refuge the last time that blog drove me crazy and I want it to continue flourishing.

I knew that "personally attacking" the moderator for his ineptitude at his rather simple job could be a losing battle, but I take it personal when such person in a position of authority picks resident troll over massive amounts of quality loyal bloggers. I don't put up with things that I deem unfair very well and I take it personal. When I am subjected to terms like JO'Crap, Mediocre Miami Midgets, GFY, (insert name here)etta, etc. for years just because I like to talk Heat basketball with intelligent bloggers, I get offended.

I knew exactly what I was doing though. It has already been three months since I challenged Mr. Teidje on the board, it is on the archive in May under "Going Back into Asylum". I have had enough of that guy, he is no better than a troll in my book, because you are either with us or against us. No games about telling on each other and watching how we react to trolling and all that BS. You either clean up the blog or you do not. He wants to clean up the junior high thing by turning into elementary school. Grow up Chris Tiedje.

I find it liberating to be banned from that place though and I hope it is permanent, because every time that I post there I am neglecting the best Heat blog ever created.


  1. Wow are you kidding me? How do they keep King Riley and Sledge but ban you? The moderation there just makes absolutely no sense. Does Sledge pay off some of the moderators just to keep posting?

  2. There is something completely wrong with the picture. I did not say anything out of line... just questioned his ability to perform simple tasks... I guess that qualifies as a personal attack.

    I'll be here... this will be the best Heat blogging site on earth. I am pissed, but happy... I was really tired of the politics over there.