Saturday, August 7, 2010

LeBron thanks Akron, Cleveland... Cavaliers? Not so much


LeBron James finally thanked his fans in Cleveland on Saturday, during his first public appearance in Ohio as a member of the Miami Heat. James addressed a crowd of several hundred supporters who cheered as he took the podium at his “King for Kids” charity bike-a-thon in downtown Akron. LeBron hopped on a bicycle and joined about 400 children who received free bicycles along the one-mile course. The event went on without incident, which is a relief for me, because I half expected a Miami Heat blogger in a seatless bicycle holding a sign that read "Who is the point guard and center... important last I checked".

Clearly, it is a slow news day, but I think this is a monumental moment in LBJ's transition. He has returned to his hometown and began to deliver on his promise not to forget his community where he learned to play the game of basketball. Also, by thanking Cleveland fans, and not the Cavaliers he lessens the tension to a certain degree with those people in Northeast Ohio who worshipped him, while maintaining the impression that things within the Cavaliers were not always as peachy as they once seemed.

When a person blasts you publicly, the way Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did to LeBron upon learning of his decision, it makes you wonder what that person is like behind closed doors. I don't know about you, but when I write things down on paper for others to read, they tend to be a little more politically correct than the things that might come out of my mouth in the heat of a moment. So it is fair to wonder whether Dan Gilbert is a psychopath, and who would want to work for somebody like that?

Either way, it is clear that LeBron will have no second thoughts about crushing Dan Gilbert's team when they face off in Cleveland on December 2nd, which is good news for Miami Heat fans. That owner said a lot of despicable things that I will not repeat, but I will remind all that might feel bad for the Cavaliers on that date that Mr. Gilbert guaranteed to his fans that they would win a title before "the self-proclaimed King". This statement will definitely be on the bulletin board in the locker room and could very well be addressed by the King himself after winning his first ring as early as this June - next summer could be a great time to reconnect with Larry King and clear the air a little, don't you think?


  1. You could clearly head a different tone when Bron talked about Cleveland than when he talked about Akron. He mentioned Cleveland to halt stop the bullet train of hatred coming towards him, but he has and feels no allegience to the city of Cleveland. But his allegience to Akron is another story. There clearly is something there.

  2. You are right. He has made it quite obvious that he is from Akron, not Cleveland.

  3. Cleveland sucks anyway. The only Cleveland I give a damn about is the black family guy character.

  4. Looking forward to the world championships... who will represent miami? Joel and arroyo? Magloire? I will try to find out...

  5. Kb and sledge had a little war of words in todays sentinel blog. It started with a really inappropriate comment about magloires alleged hemorhoids (can't remember the spelling) to which kb pointed out that this is an injury not listed on the scouting report... calling him out for talking about a mans ass while giving him props for bringing the inside scoop... don't ask don't tell. Sledge then threatens to report kbgirl and I think, how retarded can that guy be to call him kbgirl... mr t showed up later and told the boys good night and to keep the junior high stuff off the board. I don't think it is permanent, but it is the kind of stuff that reminds me why I got banned and why we came to this board to begin with. We should be able to call people out for being a troll and not draw a double technical. Or in my case, suspension for telling the guy he needs to ban the troll or he will lose half the blog. Props to kb for getting the double technical... funny stuff.