Tuesday, August 3, 2010

day one in asylum

I am going to expand a little on what happened today. I challenged Chris Teidje to eliminate the protected species bald eagle and warned him that he will lose half the blog by opening day if he continues to encourage trolls to bait good bloggers into emotional responses, etc. With that Ilost my blogging priviledge in that place... hey, if he wants to pussyfoot around the issue I am not going to turn the other cheek. I did not name call the guy... just proves he either is protecting the troll or is incapable of figuring out solutions to simple problems... anyway, I have never impersonated, and have been an overall positive influence - I feel like this is the Team John Dillinger of Heat blogs anyway. This is where I belong.

Please check out my piece on Pat Beverley... I may have overrated him a bit, but I am proud of it.


  1. I just did not appreciate a moderator showing up and saying we were acting like junior high kids and then he acts like a kindergarten teacher. I called him out for blatantly ignoring the problems of the blog, but that kind of discussion was not allowed on the message board and I lost my priviledges. I appreciate the support - I have been an asset to that blog for a while and if they want me out I will be happy to discuss here. My friends know where to find me... thank you so much for the support... I am pissed, but I feel like they did me a favor. If I have something to say, I will say it in a place that Erik Spoelstra would find was "pure" and had a lot of "grit" and quite frankly everyone is on the "energy bus". Moving on... God bless living in Asylum!

  2. It is lonely... if you build it they will come... if you build it they will come.

    My sister is in town for a week so I will have limited time to blog and create blog topics, but please do check out the Beverley piece... let's talk about why or why he would not have the chance to blossom on this squad. Not sure he has NBA 3 point range, but he could stick in college and Europe.

  3. Beverley with a fully guaranteed deal... been saying for a while that he made sense for a roster spot because he is a defensive stopper and has offensive potential too with this group of guys around him... hope he makes the best of the opportunity, he has skills.