Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, it has been a few days since Udonis Haslem was arrested on felony drug charges stemming from a driving violation and I think it obviously needs to be addressed and documented on our blog. The incident has created a bit of a stir and has vindicated those who felt Beasley had gotten the short end of the stick by getting his character assassinated for doing the same thing that approximately half of the league does according to the estimates of some current and past NBA players.

My hope is that this thing goes away as painlessly as possible. Udonis has not had a history of run ins with the law and hopefully something can be worked out in a plea bargain so that this does not drag on and become a distraction. I don't think it is going to impact his performance this season, but on a human standpoint I have always found it ridiculous to consider 20 grams of marijuana a felonious amount of weed. It is my understanding that the law is harsh in its definition in order to stick to those career criminals and/or put a scare into small time criminals and that you should be able to plea down your case if you are otherwise a solid citizen. As far as his record indicates, Udonis Haslem fits the criteria and many would even call him a pillar in the community.

We have just found out that the man is not perfect. For some this is a revelation and for countless others this is a confirmation of what they already suspected. Pot smokers sometimes like to figure out who the other pot smokers are and in my case I pegged UD to be especially good at rolling blunts. So I pat myself on the back and I move on, because that is the extent of my interest in this story.

UD has exceeded expectations and could become the rare undrafted player that carves out a 12+ year career with their home town team. I do not think this qualifies him to have his number retired, but it does make him a very unique player in the history of the franchise. In the long run, I hope it does not tarnish his legacy. Considering the man took a paycut in order to remain in the 305, I hope they don't confiscate his Mercedes Benz. In fact, I wish they would have also caught him with some product that he could promote and gain some endorsement dollars... if only they would have found a baggie of Cap'n Crunch under his seat.


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