Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skipping Out the Back Door

So, today we finally hear from Rafer Alston and it just sounds like a lame excuse from a guy who mistakingly thinks he's too good to be third string. Judge for yourself:


It sounds like Rafer thought that if AI can get out of Philly with his daughter's illness, he can use a family member to get out too.

Rafer, the hero, decides his twin sister needed him because she had attempted suicide. BS! The last thing you wanna do to a family member who almost committed suicide is put the spotlight on them... it is embarrassing to admit that you almost took your own life. Alas, twin brother Rafer decides to cause a scene, quitting his high profile job and tell the story to ESPN. I'm sure his sister is loving him right now.

This rivals Latrell Sprewell's need to "feed his family" as his excuse for rejecting a lucrative extension offer from the T-Wolves with worst attempt at shielding selfishness with family motives. AI's may just be the most shameless and disgusting, as he was promoting a party with Jermaine Dupri a mere seven days after abandoning the 76ers in order to take care of his sick daughter, check him out:


I used to feel bad for talented headcases like Latrell and Dennis Rodman for prematurely ending their own careers, but as I have grown up I realize that they took their jobs for granted and deserved their fates. When you're young and talented you can get away with murder, but the expectation is that thirty year olds will not say things like "my dog ate my homework" and expect you to believe it.

AI and Skip should head to China to sell shoes with Stephon Marbury. The NBA accepts your resignations.


  1. Unbelievable that Skip brought it up. That's beyond low.

  2. http://www.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/65237/20100309/report_76ers_will_fire_jordan_after_season/

  3. And I wanted both Skip and Ai... what a mistake these guys have been.