Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Draft: Searching for A Few Good Men

I spent some time looking at guys that aren't consensus early lottery picks, because we cannot make the playoffs and draft Evan Turner, John Wall, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. It is extremely doubtful that we will be able to make a deal to be able to snatch up one of those guys, so I will ignore them for now.

The first guy that caught my eye was Charles Garcia, from Seattle U (a program that is in its second season in Division I), who was the very first to declare for the draft, check out his athleticism:

They compare him to a cross between Lamar Odom and Andray Blatche. He leads the NCAA by going to the free throw stripe 14 times a game, but he only makes 50% of those shots. He also is a turnover machine which could scare away Miami, who otherwise likes tall and versatile forwards.

Another guy that impressed me with his athleticism is Larry Sanders, from VCU. His shot blocking reminds me of Dwight Howard - although he doesn't jump as high, he has a 7'7" wingspan. Put him in the weight room with with Zo and this guy could be our center of the future. He seems worthy of a first round pick:

A more classic option at the center position is the Nigerian born Florida State Seminole Solomon Alibi. He is 7'1" 251 lbs and also a shot blocker and a project. He gets compared with Hasheem Thabeet and should be available in the mid to late first round as he also needs to develop his game and add considerable muscle to his frame. You can get a glimpse of him in this college feature:

In my research, I have not found any first round grades on point guards besides John Wall, so expect that position to be filled elsewhere. These 3 guys are high on potential, but none would likely crack the rotation in 2010. I have a feeling figuring out what Miami will do with these draft picks will not be easy. Do they want to keep them or ship them? Do they want to target specific positions or best available? Are they drafting on potential or NBA readiness? I am most certainly confused, I hope our front office isn't.


  1. Alright. 4 blog posts. Don't make me punch you guys on the chest. Let's keep this place happening :)

  2. I could use help in identifying 2010 nba draft talent. I am pretty sure Miami is or has considered these guys that I mentioned, but they are probably only 1/10 of the big picture.

    I went through a lot of guys that I did not think would be a fit. As of right now, I would probably trade the pick rather than risk missing on a first round pick again... thanks DaeQuan, Dorell, Wayne Simien and Mario Chalmers (two second rounders) for making me resent the draft beyond pick 10.

    I'm sure with more research, we could identify some real talent, but I'm not confident in my ability to predict their NBA impact. I was pretty much on board with all of our recent draft picks, except Dorell - I loved Josh and JR Smith who went directly ahead of us and then Jameer Nelson, who went right after but I knew he was too undersized to be picked by Riley. I had no idea that Kevin Martin was gonna be so good, and he went 7 spots later.

    Anyway, lots of time until the team has to make these decisions, but we are going have to do better than in the past. We have unearthed some talent in the second round - Rasual Butler and Eddie House (whom I rebounded for and threw passes to as he went through drills at Arizona State in preparation for the NBA draft - I was 100% behind this draft pick, but Michael Redd ended up being the better prospect and he went a few picks later). Caron Butler, Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasley are the only studs we have drafted and they were all top 10 picks.

    I think we'll be lucky to get one star player out of this draft and I think that is the only good reason to draft a player - because you think he'll be a star. Otherwise, I am on board with Riley, sign veterans because you tend to get more consistency and less disappointment.

  3. The draft picks won't be used. Riley loves using draft picks to sweeten trades, I expect him to use both draft picks in sign&trades.

    The reason....because they just use up draft space, they likely won't be better than anything he could get with a min salary for a few years.

  4. No matter how I look at it, we should have been dealing this year, now this upcoming one.

    Our starting 5 (which we could have had if we released our expiring contracts):
    PG: Wade
    SG: S. Jackson
    SF: C.Butler
    PF: Beasley
    C: Haywood

  5. Riley certainly has been very committed to this 2010 off-season. With cap space this off-season we can hopefully land better talent. If we do, we will be able to pick up talent at lower salaries to be role players. Also, our team could be strengthened by veterans who get buy outs - hopefully they work out better than Rafer.

  6. man. Cyrus for blogger of the year easily. Puts the other contributors to shame, lol (no offense).

  7. junior epke udoh 6-10 pf/c from baylor that riley was scouting last weekend, along with possible lottery selection freshman hassan whiteside 7-0 c from marshall who riley also scouted when he went against SMU. the others mentioned as paul george and larry sanders have been linked to other teams i dont know much about. stanley robinson from uconn could be someone who we might have interest in as a 6-9 sf who has some athleticism but is alil older at 22

  8. i could see riley using the 2 picks in combination to move up and get a guy he really wants. dont see riley taking 2 draft picks this yr or any year. if you make 2 mistakes with those picks, you're done

  9. Nice title.. Who cares who the Heat draft? They can't develop young talent unless they're freakishly amazing to begin with like Dwyane Wade.