Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Place Like Home

The second game of this six game home stand is tomorrow against the Chicago Bulls. The same Bulls that were victimized by Wade's heroics last year in a double OT game that prompted him to jump on the scorer's table and yell "This is my house!" after sinking a dramatic buzzer beater off of a steal.

Go ahead and take a trip down memorable lane, I'll wait:

My favorite part is the post game interview, where he says he was gonna call the timeout. I would love for Wade to remind Chicago that Miami is his house once again. Like the Charlotte game, this one is worth two - A Miami win and a Chicago loss. Well, maybe three because Chicago is like Wade's ex that wants him to come back, you know?

Chicago has fallen one game out of the playoffs thanks to a five game losing streak. Tonight they start a back to back at Orlando and then Miami. Realistically, we could land a knock them into the brink of submission with a 7 game losing streak. It doesn't stop there though, because they will leave Miami and try to regroup for another back to back at Memphis and Dallas. Did I mention Chicago is 12-20 away from home? Then they get to go home to face Cleveland, so they could be in the middle of a 10 game losing streak if they don't catch a break.

The Bulls really have no one to blame but themselves for this mess. It is their lust for Wade that helped them decide that dumping Tyrus Thomas onto the Charlotte Bobcats and John Salmons onto the Milwaukee Bucks would be a good idea. Sure, they cleared the landscape a bit for the off-season, but they muddled their playoff picture this season and deserve to be on the outside looking in when the season ends.

What they don't deserve is to land the #1 pick in the lottery again.


  1. Toronto missing the playoffs would give us their 2nd rounder this year and their first rounder would be given to us another year. Without knowing much about this year's and next year's draft, that could be a good value for us.

    Leaving Bosh out of the playoffs could also facilitate his escape. The same could be said for Wade missing the playoffs... not sure how much of a difference missing the playoffs will make in either guy's mind, but it can't feel good. At least Miami is in good position to upgrade the roster in the off-season.

  2. I take comfort in these Hollinger odds, not sure how much I trust them, but I like it:

    According to the odds, we have a better chance to make the Finals than miss the playoffs. 4.6 to 3.6%