Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second Chance...

"Just when I thought you couldn't be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!".

That is a classic line from Harry (Jeff Daniels) in the comedy "Dumb and Dumber", and it pretty much sums up the Miami Heat season for me. No matter how pathetic, ridiculous, stupid and irresponsible they find a way to reel us back in for the ride.

As I look at the standings today, I realize that the #4 through #10 seeds in the East have all lost a game or two or three consecutively to go along with our four straight defeats... except for Toronto, which has found a way to match our losing streak of 4 games.

Not only are we back in the 8th spot, after only one day of being on the outside looking in, but we are actually only 2 1/2 games away from our original target, the fifth spot. Any one of us will be relieved just to have this team qualify for the playoffs, but it is also nice to be able to look at that 5th spot and in the words of Lloyd (Jim Carrey) say "So you're telling me there's a chance!"


  1. Chris when it comes to that imo, everyone is looking at "what have you done lately". The Lakers were in shambles not too long ago. They almost had to trade away Kobe. Walton wasnt the only bad deal. Getting rid of Shaq was a bad deal. Even worse was getting Butler in that deal and in turn shipping him for Kwame and then turning around and giving Kwame a huge deal. That Gasol deal was the same deal Riley was after. He missed it by not having a draft pick, a pick he gave up to try to keep his team in contention. The Memphis deal was just pathetic. THey didnt even want Odom back in the deal, pure salary dump and a joke. Dont give Boston too much credit for KG. They tanked, missed out on the 1st pick and then got desperate. KG had turned down the deal to Boston, he didnt want to go anywhere. Boston got desperate and trade for Ray Allan. Had KG not come over that would have been a horrible deal to give away your youth for Allan. Lets remember they were about to do the same to get Shawn Marion.

    As far as Riley with Shaq, its not his fault he couldnt keep the team in contention. Wade got hurt, Shaq got hurt, but more importantly, Mickey wouldnt let Pat spend the chump change to bring back the 2 guys, Posey and EJ, that had gotten us in the playoffs with Wade hurt. We went like 23 and 6 down the stretch with that crew. Blame the owner for being cheap. The same guy thats in CLV, Mo, we went after but didnt have the money. Clv got him on a salary dump from another bad organization. We went after Odom as well, and wether he played us or not, Riley went after him hard. Riley has more good moves than bad, everyone just remember the here and right now. The Lakers, Cavs, and Magic have all had horrible deals over the years that everyone forgets. The main diff between us and them is our stars continued to get hurt and our owner got cheap.

  2. BTW I vote Cyrus for blog poster of the year. Its obvious Chris has gotten fat off his reputation and just thinks hes going to "turn it on" when the playoffs start and post his way to a title.

  3. MARCH 2, 2010 6:09 PM

    Man Kbboy you can't keep taking things away from the Lakers/Celts because of luck. They had their share of bad luck too. KG getting hurt, Bynum getting hurt, it happens to everyone. Except when the Celts had their star hurt they still made it to the 2nd round. When the Heat had their star hurt, they had one of the worst seasons in history and ended with 15 wins.

    Getting Shaq was just as lucky as getting Gasol/KG. Except Riley actually offered a handful of talent for those guys while Kuptchak and Ainge gave up nothing. Yes, they took advantage of cash dumps, but so what? They(lakers, cavs, celts, magic, everybody else) got the job done. Riley didn't.

  4. thats funny kb. just tires of watching our brand of basketball. i just want to see some energy and excitement to be playing the game, some discipline, some hard-nosed play. i am tired of watching this team go thru the motions like their too cool for school. i think they will win tonight, but i am going to the Lakers game and I want to see maximum effort in that game.

  5. Haha... thanks kb. I am chugging along on the energy bus. lol.

  6. BTW, Chris... lmao at "Dwyane Wade-ing" the blog.

  7. finley is a chi-town guy. mike james is close and somewhat of a mentor to beasley. riles, u might have to dump arroyo but make the rest happen just to see something happen at this point

  8. June 26 The HEAT acquire the rights to forward Martin Muursepp of Estonia, who was Utah's first-round pick (25th overall). In exchange, Utah receives a future HEAT first-round selection (used in 2000). Miami did not have a 1996 draft pick.
    July 17 Renounced the rights to guard Rex Chapman, forward Tyrone Corbin, forward/center Stacey King, guard Jeff Malone, center/forward Dan Schayes, guard Tony Smith and forward/guard Walt Williams. Signed forward Juwan Howard.
    July 18 Signed forward P.J. Brown.
    July 23 Re-signed guard Tim Hardaway.
    July 31 NBA voids Juwan Howard's contract, sending it into arbitration.
    August 3 Trainer Ron Culp is the trainer for Dream Team I, which claims the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics by defeating Yugoslavia. Sasha Danilovic was the starting guard for Yugoslavia and earns a silver medal.
    August 10 The HEAT settled its arbitration case with the NBA, releasing Juwan Howard from his contract. The HEAT signed center Alonzo Mourning to a multi-year deal.
    August 12 Signed guard Gary Grant.
    August 21 Re-signed guard Voshon Lenard.
    August 22 Signed guard/forward Dan Majerle.
    September 3 L. Jay Cross is hired to oversee the HEAT's construction of a new arena.
    September 13 Signed forward Martin Muursepp.
    September 25 Signed forward Ed Pinckney.
    September 30 Signed forward Ronnie Grandison.
    October 3 Signed center Isaac Austin, guard/forward James Scott, and forward Tony Farmer

  9. Riley's last time going shopping with a loaded pocketbook. I remember that Adrian. This summer is "Fool's Gold" if I ever saw it. Only Bosh, Johnson or Stoudermire and maybe Wade are the only Allstars who may change zip codes. Rudy Gay's looking to get paid by the highest bidder Olympicos Greek team could offer him $12mil per and he'd sign with them. Joking but you get the point.

    Wade's not resigning until someone else signs 1st and vice-versa, NO other Allstar isn't signing before they know that Wade is here for the duration period. Which is going to have Riley throwing max contracts at Bosh and Amare, near max deals for Boozer and Gay all while Wade flirts with the idea of NY and Chicago max money. If Riley tries to poker face Wade this summer with I need you to resign 1st BS, Wade's gone for sure.

  10. If Riley doesn't go the max FA route...with the depressed economy, we might be able to bring in 3 to 5 quality FAs

    PG: Felton, Daniels, Robinson, Boykins
    SF: Harrington, Ginobili, McGrady, Korver, Bell, Howard
    C: Haywood, Gooden, O'Neal

    How would this team look:
    Felton, Chalmers
    Wade, Cook
    Bell, Harrington
    Beasley, Gooden
    Haywood, Anthony
    + 2 1st round draft picks.

  11. That team really scares me New Day, without having any clear sense as to what we will get from the draft. I like the idea of Harrington as a 6th man.

    I love Bell, but I think he is a better fit at SG as is Ginobili, who I would pay good money for to be our 6th man... although it is hard to imagine him leaving San Antonio.

    I don't feel like I know enough about Felton... Miami cannot afford to miss on any of their off-season moves if they plan on contending.

    I like Josh Howard on this team, but he would also be a gamble the way he has been playing recently.

  12. Haywood will resign with Dallas. If that's the best team Riley can put together I wish Wade best of luck in NY, Chicago, or NJ. League pass will allow me to still watch him play several times a week.

  13. I really have a strong feeling Bosh will be coming here. All season long Riley talks to Wade, Wade talks to his agent, the agent talks to Bosh. There has to be some kind of "insider" information going on there.

    I still don't see what the big deal is with a Bosh/Beasley front court versus the East.

    Cavs: Varejao, Hickson, Jamison, old Z, old Shaq
    Magic: Howard, Lewis, Bass, Anderson, Gortat
    Hawks: Horford, Josh Smith
    Chicago: Noah, Gibson
    Celtics: Old KG, Perkins, old Wallace, Davis

    Bosh and Beasley match up with everyone of them except Dwight Howard... and he's a top five player in the NBA. No one in the East has a SG that matches up with Wade 1-on-1, but it doesn't stop them from trying to put together the best team possible.

  14. Anybody here with ESPN Insider? They have two articles I'm interested in. The "Future Power Rankings" has Wade in the picture, & there's another on Melo vs. Durant.

  15. JB..

    I think the system we run calls for size in the middle. WE are slow down, halfcourt, banging, defense, etc all that crap. In Toronto they play a wide open style on offense and really play no d. Here where Bosh would be a lot more stationary to go with our methodical approach, its something I am afraid to see. Even in Toronto, Bargani has some size an length to him, even tho he doesnt rebound well. He does block some shots tho. I dont think Bosh is much of a shot blocker so u cause some problems with not having a deterrent at the rim as well. I think Bosh's size isnt an issue in Toronto because of the way they play or their philosophy. Ultimately we are going to need some size and muscle in that frontcourt.

  16. maybe, kb, but Bosh's back to the basket game is just like Pau's; it's more finesse than Shaq, but Bosh has more range on his shot. All these post-ups we give to JO would go to Bosh, & him & Wade would be able to grown some two-man game between them like Chris Paul & David West, but double the star power. We'll need a shot-blocker/rebounder to man the middle to go with Bosh, but we don't need someone who'd demand the ball. Only part not to look forward to would be us playing Bosh at center & I hope they aren't that stupid...

  17. Well, if the Heat sign Bosh or Amare and don't change the game plan they are pretty much screwed anyways. You can't just throw the ball on the court and let them play. Despite what Spo says, the offense will not take care of itself.

  18. Let's just settle this shit and tell ira to go fuck off. Spo, I'm sure is diligent, does certain things well, but, ultimately, is a failure as a coach. Quit blaming the quality of the players. They guy has certain fixed ways that just don't work - like ignoring the offensive end or thinking that extra hustle will cover up all the things he ignores. I don't care what pieces you add - prime Shaq - whatever, this guy will screw it all up. It's just his way. And he is blind to it; will never change. so, ... enough. and fuck off ira!

  19. "I don't care what pieces you add - prime Shaq - whatever, this guy will screw it all up."

    Spo would probably cost us a few wins, but if you put prime Shaq & Wade together, that's a dynasty regardless of how much of an idiot Spo is, lol.

  20. Yeah even Riley managed to win with Wade & Shaq. Anyone can do it.

  21. Spo would play Haslem at C over Shaq - who would have missed the energy bus....

  22. Stan Van Gundy < Riley ...Riley did a great job that year, but not so much getting them up for the challenge of repeating.