Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Beasley Trade is Inevitable, unless...

...he trades his nickname "B-Easy" for "The Beast". There was no hurrah for Michael article from me after his 14 point eruption the other night, because it isn't surprising. The guy is a "PTP'er", a "Diaper Dandy", and all of those great things that Dick Vitale would say... but we need him to grow up or get out of the way.

For my liking, Michael, DaeQuan, Dorell and Mario are "on the bubble" (another March Madness reference) for the 2010 Miami Heat roster. It may sound really harsh, but there comes a point when the finger pointing and excuse making needs to end. Michael has all the tools to score inside and outside, however, his attitude is "take what the defense gives me" or "Be Easy".

No Michael, don't be easy. Be nasty. Be tough. Be manly. Be Beastly. Wade punched you in the chest the other day and you stepped up and made some game changing plays. However, he can't punch you every day, you are going to have some inner fortitude to take your game to the next level.

Tomorrow, when you walk into practice I want you to walk up to Magloire and punch him. OK, not really, but you really do need to grow some huevos. Don't be a soft, finesse player, if we wanted a 6'10" shooter we would have signed Steve Novak. We tanked a season and you are supposed to be our prize. Grab 10 boards every games - it's not like Jermaine is hogging up the boards. Udonis comes in and gets 8 a game, why are you under 7 if you are logging more minutes? You need to take rebounding personally. Challenge Joel Anthony and Alonzo Mourning to a rebounding contest, playing for boonks (the loser bends over and gets kicked in the arse). Learn how to box out, throw elbows and play big or do we need to have big brother Zo punch you in the gut to remind you this is a man's sport?

I believe in you Mike, I just don't believe you are taking the right approach. Miami almost traded for Amar'e and they are targeting Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer too. Take it personally. You do not want to play Small Forward, do you? I am perfectly content with signing one of these studs and have you split time at the 3 and 4, but you shouldn't be. You should be hell bent on making Miami change its 2010 focus onto finding centers, small forwards and point guards... and instead you are trying to become a Small Forward in a Power Forwards body. Stop that. Unleash "THE BEAST"!

I like the sound of it Michael "The Beast" Beasley. I hope you do too, because you can be a Hall of Famer. You are so lucky to be playing with a HOFer, but your window of opportunity to become his trusted sidekick is closing fast.


  1. His "softness" comes with his age. The kid just turned 21, and now people are expecting of him what he did in college. I know he has all the potential in the world but we need to give him time.

    Everyone wants him to be a 20/10 guy right now including me, but he's just not mentally mature enough. There is no doubt in my mind that one day beasley will be beastly but time is involved to get him there. Time that we dont want to wait after 3 years of deplorable basketball.

    Beasley will be moved over the summer for some one that is ready now.

  2. Watch this video... around 1:20 the trainer tells him he needs to dunk more and Michael laughs it off... his approach is off. He needs to become "The Beast" and drop "B Easy" - attack the basket!


  3. I could go for a little B-Nasty, mixed in with the usual B-Easy. Sometimes, you need that aggression, especially in courting favor with the refs.

    He'll get there. It's just a matter of whether it'll be here or not. The situation for his PT hasn't been ideal here (at times, it's downright moronic), but Michael can do more in seizing the moment with a little fire thrown in alongside what comes naturally.