Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whose Team Is It? Don't Fall For That Trap

I don't like it when people call it D-Wade's team, because it pushes the agenda of making LeBron James seem like a subservient coward.

He is not.

LBJ had other options where he could have won a title, two titles, maybe three titles, but this was the place where he could dream of "not six, not seven..."

That is what he wanted.

That is why he joined D-Wade. Neither of them has to change their game, because they are both great all around players who just have to take turns doing the things they like to do.

The last shot is going to be overly scrutinized and could be a point of contention if LBJ does not get his fair share of buzzer beating opportunities... Wade will probably take more of them, but James will want some of the glory too.

Of course, plenty of other players will get game winning opportunities. Chris Bosh, Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem also took paycuts in order to make history.

This is their team.

Miami fans should not punish LeBron for deciding on Miami. He could grow very unhappy if Miami fans cling to Wade as their knight and shining armor.

It is OK to like one superstar more than the other, but Heat fans need to make sure all three of their megastars get the love they deserve.

When I hear Miami fans say things like "LeBron James will carry us in the regular season and Dwyane Wade will carry us in the playoffs" I get concerned that Heat fans are still holding onto some of the bitterness of the Dwyane/LeBron rivalry.

The team may win multiple titles in the following years, but the relationship between LeBron and his new fan base could impact "The Decision 2", currently scheduled for the summer of 2014, when he has an opt out clause.

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