Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LeBron James Must Dominate Just To Maintain

Upon reading Andre Iguodola proclaim that Team USA teammate Kevin Durant will become the break the all-time scoring record I had this reaction - enough.

Enough with the mission to turn Kevin Durant into the chosen one. I have not even checked into the all-time list other than the fact that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored over 38,000 points while KD has scored under 6,000, which means Durant is not even a sixth of the way there.

I understand that people are excited that KD is scoring 30 ppg at 21, but the passing of the torch is premature.

I thought LBJ was being a pretentious jerk last year when he was defiantly informing reporters that he could win the scoring title every year if he wanted to, but now I feel he has to just to get the credit he deserves. Also, it would be nice if he led the league in assists and rebounds by playing point guard on offense and center on defense, just because he can.

Clearly, that is unrealistic, but it seems he would have to get the basketball equivalent of the Triple Crown just to get back people's respect. It seems he really has spoiled a lot of people. I am really annoyed by this - I did not spend seven years being told I was a witness only to have him devalue as soon as he uttered the words "I am taking my talents to South Beach".

The debate was usually between LeBron and Kobe with Wade a distant third. Then, Wade dropped out of the top 3 for the flavor of the season - from CP3 to Carmelo to Durant - and that was blatantly inaccurate and offensive.

However, for LBJ to get knocked off his throne due to an unpopular decision seems even more blasphemous. From the looks of it, he will need to step his game up to unprecedented levels in order to prevent this perceptual fall from grace.


  1. This is the last year that LeBron will be in the conversation for the top 5 best players in the league no matter that his stats are. He has been in the league 7 be in the conversation this late in his carreer he NEEDS to win championships (at least one soon).

    Durant is a top 5 player because you get a pass when your still in your first 5 to 7 years....but after that, you better have won it all at least once.

    None other great players that no longer are top 5, because they couldn't get the championahip thing done: Yao, Melo, CP3, Nash, Kidd, Dirk.

    The top 5 in the league:
    LeBron (7 years and counting)
    Wade (got his)
    Kobe (got 5 times)
    Howard (6 years and counting)
    Durant (3 years and counting)

  2. I just see this as a normal progression....even if LeBron stayed in Clev, he was already on the last beats on borrowed time. He either needs to put up or shut up.

    You can't be a top 5 player going into 9+ seasons without a championship.

    In another 2 years I forsee Howard being replaced as well. This is my best guess for the best 5 in 2 years (not counting a lockout):
    LeBron (because I think we will get both)
    Gasol (becuase as Kobe does less, Gasol will be able to do more)
    Rose or Tyreke Evans type of young player

  3. Interesting. I think you may be onto something, but I disagree with the reasoning. The guy who has been in the league 7 years should drop off if his game drops off. Not winning the title does not necessarily mean that he is not the best. Thankfully, that reasoning led James to South Florida. If James does not win a title with these guys he definitely should see his stock go down.

    However, people get too excited by the youngsters and want to pretend they are better than the vets way too prematurely. I have not seen enough of Tyreke Evans, but I think he might be better than Rose. I get annoyed when pure scorers like Melo and Durant get placed ahead of more well rounded ballers.

  4. Hey Cyrus,

    When people look at a carreer and try to say who's the best...its got to start with did he win a championship.

    While still watching a career, we don't know those answers at the end....while someone is still relatively early in their career, they basically get a free pass on the "championship" question...but after enough years on not getting it, it becomes the overwhelming question.

    It becomes, if this guy couldn't win a championship after 8 can he be considered the best...he obviously isn't....I think that's where LeBron is.

    If he were the best, he'd have won once....whether fair or not. I think that would be the sentiment whether he stayed in Clev or went to Chicago.

    Durant is now coming into the question, but is still years away from where the expectation of a championship is there....if in another 4 years if Durant hasn't won it all, his stats will start to become less important and the only thing that's going to bring him back into the conversation is...did you win it all.

    My 2 cents anyways.