Monday, September 27, 2010

Calling All To Asylum + Sun-Sentinel Progress


Alright, I think it is officially time for the board to call this its full time home.

Chris Tiedje has launched war upon us, dictating to us how it is going down... rather than helping us. Forget him and the Sun Sentinel blog... this is your home.

Embrace it, love it, make it the best HEAT board on the internet.

I think you all know I will put in a daily article if there is a community that posts and comes for the games, etc.

Let's do it.

UPDATE: We temporarily slayed the CAPTCHA monster and Ohshz should be good to go:

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Chris Tiedje
      September 27, 2010 at 2:37 pm
      Sure. I can turn it off if you don’t mind 100 posts an hour about viagra.

      Sorry guys. We lasted almost a year without having to use it, but in the last week with major hacker attacks on Twitter and Facebook the SPAM bots finally found our WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil.

      I also agree that I would rather get rid of captcha and see how bad it gets with the viagra ads. I mean, if we could deal with trolls, I’m sure we can handle a few of those ads.

      In any case, the nature of posting of this board is compromised by having to write “distating cisoved”.

      Other votes against or for captcha by the remaining few?

      • Not gonna happen. If the SPAM gets through, then so do the trolls. Not on my watch.

      • JB

        The viagra ads probably have better basketball points than one poster on here. But, I can use the ignore button for them just like I do for him.

        Go Hawks!

      • Dsky0921

        how does that block button work? i don’t see it anywhere and would like to know how to enable it.

      • CyrusTheVirus

        How do you get an ignore button?

        Also, I respectfully will not post here very much under your watch. You have killed the blog.

        Ohshz’s suspension is baffling too… any chance he comes back under your watch?

        Thanks for getting rid of the trolling, but you are now bullying the board and killing its soul.

      • JB

        The ignore featue is like the force… it is inside each one of you… you just need to use it.

      • Oldfan

        Chris: I won’t belabor this anymore (although if other people do, that would be great). I think you are exaggerating the spam threat and I also think you are mistaken about the effectiveness of the reCAPTCHAs on reducing trolls.

      • Dsky0921

        i guess that was witty JB but it seems to me there is an actual ignore button that some of us can’t see or use. where is it?

    2. I’ve emailed Ohshz about his actions, that is if he used a legit email in his comments.

      Sorry to hear we won’t be seeing you much. You’ll be missed.

      And guys, JB is messing with you.

      • Dsky0921

        damn, i thought i saw someone else post something about an ignore button but it was probably just JB….guess I was duped.

        The recaptcha thing I think is mostly just turning people off of the blog. I’ve seen plenty of troll problems on here but I’ve never noticed a spam problem. And I have to agree with Cyrus. While I still like coming on here and seeing what everyone is saying, this blog has lost its personality and has become kind of dull. And I’m pretty sure that’s not just because it’s the off season…..there’s plenty to talk about with the Miami Heat.

      • CyrusTheVirus

        Thanks for that update. What is the next step for him to take? He said he did not receive an e-mail. I don’t think you sincerely will miss anybody and that is ok, you have a job to do.

        But what is that job? Is it for the Sun-Sentinel to no longer have the best Heat blog on the internet. Ira has put in a lot of work to create this following. Does he not like having hundreds of comments for every blog he posts?

      • No steps to take. All he has to do is comment.

        Ira’s numbers have never been better. Thanks for asking.

      • Dsky0921

        there is absolutely no way that is true

    3. ICE

      Chris your implying that you own the blog… why not just moderate but be less cocky.. thank you.

      • Sorry. It is mostly a thankless job.

      • CyrusTheVirus

        It should be a thankless job and it should also be a job where you do what is best for your loyal readers.

        If they are begging you to take captcha off because they hate it, you should not say you will miss us. Can you talk to Ira about the situation? I think he should really be making the call at this point.

      • You assume Ira doesn’t know. This is his blog, not mine. You’re fooling yourself if you think he doesn’t know every single thing that happens here.

        I truly am sorry about the recaptcha. I promise you that you don’t want the floodgates of SPAM opened.

      • Dsky0921

        maybe if he hadn’t previously stated that he doesn’t pay attention to the comments on his blog, we could believe that. i want to believe he knows what is going on here, but that’s a tough sale. i can’t even make out a lot of the recaptcha stuff…’s not just preventing spam, it’s preventing posters from wanting to deal with this.

      • CyrusTheVirus

        Thank you Chris for explaining all of that. I am glad to know that Ira knows what is going on. Like dsky said, our perception is that he may not be paying attention to the way captcha has turned off his loyal readers.

        What numbers are you referring to? I’m sure people read his blog, but there is no way the numbers are better than ever when it comes to activity on this blog… it takes twice as much effort to post and there are fewer people to interact with.

        Basically, does Ira not care about his loyal following, because his numbers are better than ever?

    4. JB

      The ignore feature works quite well. The hot key is the “pgdn” key. I use it all the time.

      adam youghar

    5. JGtruth

      I’m just glad we don’t have to read through the usual spam and racist remarks by you know who today.

      • Dsky0921

        agreed….i really don’t know how he wasn’t booted after comparing having a favorite team you root for to nazi germany….that still baffles me when i think about it.

    6. JGtruth

      My prediction for the top 8 records in the East.

      1. Miami
      2. Orlando
      3. Milwaukee
      4. Boston
      5. Atlanta
      6. Chicago
      7. New York
      8. Charlotte

    7. Kbboy80

      CyrusTheVirus says:
      September 27, 2010 at 1:46 pm

      When will Ohshz’s suspension come to an end? It seems he has already served his time…

      BTW, training camp fodder added in Anthony Mason Jr. and Mickell Gladness. Gladness is the all-time leader in NCAA shotblocks – I guess he replaces what Varnado would have brought to training camp.

      FREE OHSHZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Ardian

      JB you have gotten maybe everybody with the “ignore button” including me. Mad props my man. As for the whole recaptcha squabble, cant we all get passed this? I personally don’t want you guys to leave and I’m sure that’s not what Chris wants. Onto basketball, loved the quotes from Wade especially :
      Wade, on not having to be the sole leader: “I’m not the loudest guy. It allows me to stay within my personality and not go outside my box.”
      Does that sound like the words of a Diva?

    9. OK. I’m game for an experiment. Seems like you guys are tired of me, so I’ll gracefully make my exit. I’ll turn off the recaptcha. I’ll check back in a while to see how you’re all doing.

      • CyrusTheVirus

        Thank you. We will let you know how it goes down. Have a great day. We really appreciate you doing that.


  1. I feel Dan Gilbert like with my angry messages on the website. Seriously though, who wants to be treated like inconsequential children on the Sun-Sentinel board?

    I have a Master's degree in Mass Communication and I have worked in a newsroom and the way Chris T is treating the readers is deplorable. Any of you are welcome to take this to the higher ups and try to change the culture over there. Perhaps get him suspended to see how he likes it.

  2. Alright, I let Chris T know once again that I do not approve of the job he is doing.

    I will not write any e-mails to the Sun-Sentinel or anything like that...

    I think this season should be about this board and there should be no distractions with posting on other boards... that should be secondary.

    This community will grow. If you guys commit to it, I am sure we can have it become the place where Heat fans come.

    I will write articles and also place them on B/R to increase our readership... stay strong, this will be the #1 Heat blog in the world.

  3. Awesome link with today's pictures, posted by the WATCHER.

  4. I like the picture above, because LBJ is in the middle, smiling. Him and Wade taking turns in the center makes the most sense, because they are totally willing to share center stage with each other, but there is no reason to push one to the side and call it D-Wade's team... people can say what they want, but we have two Alpha Dogs, deal with it!!!

  5. cyrus your efforts are appreciated, as the blog grows though, i think it is o to have a troll here and there, it gives all us eat fans 1 point to unite we might not all agree that joel anthony is the answer at center, but we can all agree that sledge is the pain in the ass, so we forget about stone hands for a second and fuck with him...but only in small doses, so i suggest a troll limit of 5 comments a blog


    Somebody recorded the bit that was on ESPN and put it on youtube...

    I am proud of myself, I don't think Chris T would have taken off the reCAPTCHA without me riding him so hard.

    KB, Oldfan and Ice played a strong role, but I was really impressed with dsky. I think he really played well off of me. We were like LBJ and D-Wade against the reCAPTCHA policy.