Friday, September 24, 2010

Is Erick Dampier the Final Piece?

I have often said that I would take Erick Dampier over Jamaal Magloire in my center rotation. While the Big Kat is actually younger, it is not apparent on the basketball court.

My main concern with the possibly imminent signing of Erick Dampier is the back end of the roster. The Heat currently has three intriguing prospects in Patrick Beverley, Da'Sean Butler and Dexter Pittman that I would like to see win the 13th, 14th and 15th spots on the roster.

Pat Riley made an excellent point about this situation when asked about Miami's interest in the center. He said " When you have to worry about the bottom of the roster you're in good shape."

Riley did not guarantee a starting position to Dampier, instead he confirmed there would be competition. "It would be a very competitive situation at that position in camp." Riley said. "I don't think you can ever have enough big guys today, with who you have to beat today, and especially a veteran, defensive oriented guy."

I agree with Riley on this one.

Do not worry about guaranteed contracts. Do not worry about prospects. Do not even worry about having a balanced roster. Put together the best 20 man roster for camp as possible and come out of it with the best group of guys for this year and beyond. The competition and depth created is more important than cutting somebody with a guaranteed contract or a promising future.

Assuming Dampier signs, who would you cut? Obviously camp has not opened, but we all have a general idea of who the players are and what role they would fill on this team. Here is my first attempt:

C - Dampier / Anthony / Ilgauskas / Pittman (Magloire)
PF - Bosh / Haslem / Howard (Randolph)
SF - James / Miller / Jones
SG - Wade / House (Butler)
PG - Chalmers / Arroyo / Beverley (Hasbrouck)

That is not a definitive list, but more of an indication of where things stand today. Butler is currently injured, so he is on the outside looking in. The way I have it now, the inactive list would be Juwan Howard plus two developmental players.


  1. The Philadelphia 76ers have invited Chris Quinn to training camp, according to a source.

    The 26-year-old Quinn became available after the Nets, who had acquired him via trade with the Heat in January, decided not to re-sign him this offseason.

  2. I know Dampier was not going to be the reason we won a championship, or the reason we lost. But I am baffled by the decision of Miami to not offer him a contract. Dampier combines Magloires size, Joels shotblocking, and Big Z's height into 1 package. He would have allowed Bosh and Haslem to remain in their proper positions, and we would have a good 1 on 1 positional defender for the likes of Howard, Bynum, and Perkins. I dont understand it, but at this point I can not question Pat Riley.

  3. Damper would have been an upgrade...but just a small one.

    And no, he doesn't have Z's height, Anthony's shot blocking, and he doesn't throw he body around like Mcgloire.

    This tells me that Magloire's leadership presense, team influence, big body, and will do anything needed attitude made him more valuable to the Heat that someone that similiar to him but plays better defense.....and if we're talking 3rd string center.

    I wouldn't have dropped Magloire fro Dampier...I personally would have signed him, but it would have been for either the roster spot of Ilgauskis or Pittman. Evediently they like the potential for Pittman and they either like what Ilgauskis gives them or isn't willing to let go of LBJ's boy.

    Either way, I don't think having or not having him is gonna make a difference....he didn't really bring us anything that we didn't get with an Anthony & Magloire combo.

    And this 4 big-body centers, the only reason Haslem or Bosh need to play center is to make sure they get Haslem on the floor as much as they can (and I certainly hope that doesn't happen). Like Haslem's game, but he's the back-up PF, let him get his 12 - 15 MPG and be happy....he'll get plenty of minutes in the 3rd and 4th quarters of blow-outs.

  4. Final roster for 1st game of the year:

    C - Anthony / Ilgauskas
    PF - Bosh / Haslem / Howard
    SF - James / Jones
    SG - Wade / Miller
    PG - House / Arroyo / Chalmers

    DNP: Pittman, Butler, Magloire

  5. Why is Magloire the one that had to be cut? Id cut James Jones.

  6. And having Dampier would have made it nearly impossible for Spo to put fucking Haslem at center.

  7. I like James Jones. I would have cut Magloire, because I don't think we need 5 centers and like Pittman's upside.

    As it is, I hope Big Kat steps his game up... I think Jones will be stepping his game up too.

  8. Can someone ask chris to unban me now that sledge is gone. Tell him ive been on this blog for 6 yrs now.

  9. We have 7 players capalbe to play center right now.

    How many players do we have that CAN play SF? LeBron, Wade, Miller, and you don't drop Jones.