Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going Back Into Asylum

  1. So I am on Ira's blog trying to have a good time when I come across this comment by kb. I want to point out that he said that Cleveland's cast is not that gay... here is what transpires next:

    I said it from day one, every team has their fallout boy. If the Cavs lose this will somehow all come back to Shaq “screwing up their team” without anybody mentioning this is pretty much the same team from last year that got whooped by the Magic. as far as the core goes. Delonted,MO,Big Z, Varajeo. All still here with an upgrade in talent. But it will all come back to Shaq, somehow he will get the blame even tho Clv is quick to turn away from him, bench him, and go with the core from last year in the closing quarters. Shaq has been quiet, hasnt cried, and is basically playing the role of “stiff” and just rebounding, defending and doing what is asked.

    Its all so hilarious to me how on PTI the other day, idiot Wilbon proclaims “Lebron’s cast isnt all that gay. Yea he got a guy like Jamison and Mo Will but, these guys dont play good together”. Oh really? So when ESPN slobbed them for all 60 something wins they werent playing well together or were not a good enough cast? Ridiculous.

  2. Sledge gets into it with me next calling me a fagget with mental retardation and childhood issues, to which I respond that I agree it is childish to call each other gay, but that he always responds by calling us faggets, which shows he can't even pick a side and stick with it... who is the retard? These comments are quickly erased from the board and then I take a few shots at Ira and soon after I get called to the principal's office:

    1. Jrod44

      FMB says:
      May 13, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    He’s a bust because our local beat writer has deemed him as such and goes around telling anyone who listens that he is a bust. Then his buddy writes a national story about how Haslem is better and the Heat have been keeping it a secret.


    I agree 1000000 PERCENT. All you ever hear is Ira coming out of peoples mouths, as it pertains to Beasley. Which okay I get, he is our most respected local Heat Beat Writer. But does that mean its correct? Who knows, especially when you have Coach, President, and Owner saying otherwise.

    • CyrusTheVirus

      OMG, our most nationally respected beat writer is Ira!

    • Sledge

      I don’t recall Ira saying that Beasley is a “bust”. Get it right. He has just written about Beasleys shortcomings and him not meeting the higher expectations most people had for a #2 pick these past 2 seasons. Even Wade has expressed the same sort of discouragement. Not to mention Pat Riley who has been approving Beasley’s limited minutes for 2 consecutive years as general manager. Beasley is not bust, where did Ira write that? At just 21 y/o, he may be a late bloomer on the wrong system, who knows. Time will tell. He could be the next Lamar Odom or the next Rasual Butler. We’ll see.

    • Jrod44

      Sledge can you really say that Ira has not been hypercritical of Beasley?

      20 and 10 from Beasley, Lets keep some perspective.

      5 and 5 from Beasley, Beasley looked lost.

      15 and 7 from Beasley following night, Beasley gave up more than he scored.

      The problem wasnt in reporting the bad, it was not reporting the good.

    • CyrusTheVirus

      Ira is anything but unbiased

    • Sledge

      We are all biased to some extent when evaluating players. i happen to agree with Ira most times about Beasley. His porous defense, being lost in the court, and the 10 Beasley Flaws that I’ve repeatedly posted here. I also agree that Haslem does other things on the court that Beasley just hasn’t learned yet or is incapable of. Beasley has been an inconsistent scorer, that’s all. No passing skills, treated like a rag doll in the paint, etc. etc. That’s why Wade complains, that’s why the Heat entire coaching staff headed by pat Riley has severely limited Beasley’s minutes for 2 seasons. They all agree with Ira too.

  3. Sledge, CyrusTheVirus, et al.

    Play nice, guys. Let’s try to keeps this forum civil, or at least not like the playground in grade school.

    Fair warning to all – any and all impersonators will be banned. Pick your username and stick to it.

    That is all.

    • Jrod44

      what if its funny and positive? or not crude at least?

    • CyrusTheVirus

      Why not ban trolls?

    • CyrusTheVirus

      Impersonator = comedy for those who want to talk Heat basketball and have to hear the repetitive opinions of somebody who just wants to get under the skin of Heat fans.

      Your protection of that blogger is a disgrace to your newspaper… get rid of the cancer or you will lose your following. Guaranteed.

      Soon after a new blog topic was started and Jrod kept the dialogue going:

      1. Dewey Cox

        But what if your famous? Can you still get banned?

        • Do Not Ban Jrod44

          Because to me thats funny, not trolling, I never say hateful or crude remarks, I just use it to accentuate my points.

          I know Chris T is a wise man, and will use his correct judgement.

        • Just trying to clean the place up a bit.

        • Sledge

          Excellent news.

        • CyrusTheVirus

          Get rid of Sledge, then

          What are your thoughts, comments, concerns. I don't necessarily want to be banned so I will respect the posted rules. However, now that I know we are being watched, can we actually get the trolls out? What needs to happen in order to clean out the trash?


  1. I just hope I dont get banned. I think the point is to get the real nonsense stuff. Which Im all for.

  2. Getting up the trash around that place is a good idea; the reigning stupidity is why most of us stopped posting there as much to begin with.

    Chris T. doesn't seem like a bad guy. I had some exchanges with him via e-mail when all the changes were made to Ira's blog. There are far more pressing areas of attention in trying to clean that place up - the ridiculous trolling and Wade bashing, for one. The impersonator stuff is usually pretty light and, at times, funny.

  3. Tell that douche to un-ban me!

  4. lol. Wethere that place is clened up or not I wish most of the blog would convert over here. Not trying to steal Ira's thunder but the topics over here are just flat out better(shot out to Cyrus) and we can control the trolling and faggottry. I will, and have, admitted to jumping into the name calling head on and have had one of the aliase names just to run Sledge off. If anybody remember me when I first hit the blog, I didnt use to do that, Slledge drove me to it with his personal attacks. I told him to find another dude to go back and forth with, he instead insulted me, again, and from then on I refuse to let up on him. I call him a fagg every chance I get.

  5. Thanks for the shout out... I didn't know if we could find a way to get the trolling down.

    HD is banned? Why is that? I am really annoyed with that place... if we just got more people down here it would be fantastic.

    If we could get more people to come here this would be the place... besides SunSentinel, where else could we get people to expand our community?