Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA Draft Picks 21-60


  1. The links take you to another mock draft... the picks we have in common are due to my laziness... I tried to put a lot of thought into picks 1-48... after that point, I don't really care anymore.

    Enjoy the draft... let's see what happens!

  2. I know how it is, coming up with ideas for sixty draft choices. I did it on, under 'BigSarge's mock draft'. Of course, it's no good, because of all of the trades.

    Anyway, Miami will absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt draft a center tonight. Jerome James, or maybe Paulo Prestes. Willie Warren? Hmmnn.

    Great job!

  3. How funny that I ended up going without a center with four picks... I went through so many variations and I hardly slept las night.

    I did have Paulo or Jerome James going to us, but then I kept tinkering and ended up going with the top players on my draft board considering we have a ton of holes.

    My thinking was that position will not be important if they are not impressed with the prospect. I do expect them to take a center, but at the same time am expecting the unexpected. If that makes any sense... I am feeling dizzy from analyzing and cross referencing all the players that I could over the last 12 hours and cramming for an exam that I am not taking anyway.

    We'll just sit back and hope for the best tonight... I hope to make the road trip to Las Vegas to look at our summer league team. I am thinking about taking this thing to the next level and asking for a press pass for our blog so I can get access to some players... what do you guys think?

  4. Drafting three players exceeded my expectation. I did not think they would find more than two guys that could make the roster. These three guys, along with Pat Beverley, makes 4 guys with a strong chance to make the club.

    Dozier seems like a long shot, especially now that he hurt himself, but I have heard he has some similarities to Dorell Wright... we'll see.