Thursday, June 24, 2010

And Then There Were Two

Joel Anthony has opted out of his contract, leaving only Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers with fully guaranteed contracts on the roster. James Jones's $1.9 million guarantee still makes him the second highest paid member on the team, even if he is released next week.

The belief is that the Heat will place the million dollar tender on Joel Anthony, which will actually cost the team double his salary now in cap hold until he signs his contract. However, that view fails to recognize the extra flexibility that the Heat now has. If and when Miami attracts a third star to play alongside Wade and a max free agent, the team can waive Joel Anthony and sign that player to a contract that is almost $400K richer in the first year of the deal. If Joel wants to return, he will likely have to accept a deal just like last season's, a two year minimum deal with the second year a player option, or perhaps a partial guarantee.

The shocker for me was when the club picked up the option on Mario Chalmers. Perhaps he is viewed as a tradable asset. I would hate to see that extra $400K that could have been cleared prevent the team from signing a premier player.

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  1. Hmnn. Will the Heat try to keep Anthony? If things go the way Riley expects them to, we'll get many offers from all types of players to join up at the vet min. We can do better than Anthony.