Friday, April 9, 2010

Pistons @ Heat preview

The video above is the preview from the Pistons website, but I don't believe Detroit is actually gonna try to win the game. The home victory against Atlanta was a nice gift for the faithful season ticket holders that have suffered through this disappointing season, but watch for Detroit to give more minutes to their youngsters and find a way to lose even if Miami does not bring their best effort. Their two game winning streak has ruined their standing as the third worst team in the league, they have to stop the bleeding and start losing. This is insanity for them, of course they are the team that found a way to blow the #2 pick in the 2003 draft. Here's a look at the worst teams in the league and their odds of winning the #1 pick:

25% New Jersey Nets (11-67)
19.9% Minnesota Timberwolves (15-63)
13.8% Washington Wizards (24-54)
13.7% Golden State Warriors (24-54)
8.8% Sacramento Kings (25-54)
6.3% Detroit Pistons (25-53)
4.3% Philadelphia (26-52)
2.8% Los Angeles Clippers (27-52)


  1. Chris Broussard sees Wade staying in Miami and getting a sidekick in Bosh, Amar'e or at worst Carlos Boozer, which would make Miami a factor in the Eastern Conference. What do you guys think?


    There is video evidence of this opinion on the frontpage of ESPN's NBA page.

  3. Daily Dime experts have Wade staying in Miami:

  4. I remember two times when Miami had to flip a coin because they had an identical record to another franchise.

    The first time it was for the 9th spot with which Phoenix won and landed rookie of the year Amar'e Stoudamire - we got Caron Butler, which was a solid consolation prize.

    The other time it was for the 4th spot, which Toronto won and landed Chris Bosh, who we wanted... we had no choice but to draft Dwyane Wade. who had a lot more upside than the guys which filled needs (Chris Kaman, TJ Ford, Kirk Hinrich, etc.)

    I remember being pissed that the Heat beat the Raptors late in the previous season. Toronto lost on purpose and Miami picked up the win. It seems Miami was rewarded by the basketball gods for playing the right way thus lucking into drafting Dwyane Wade.

    Maybe the Pistons should try to win, you never know who will win the lottery, and there are always busts and studs in the draft no matter at your draft slot is.

    As far as Miami goes, I have spent hours trying to figure out how strong the draft class is and what I gathered so far is that it is full of solid NBA players and projects. Not really inspiring me so far, so I am not sweating Toronto making the playoffs or not... either way we get a draft pick this year (their 2nd rounder) and they would still owe us a future #1, which they have to give up by 2015.

    I think we could find some solid players or projects in the second round or as rookie free agents anyway. Having the 15th and the 17th/18th pick is a nice luxury to have... if we can't identify any keepers for our team, at least they are tradable assets.

  5. I think i will get sick if this team actually uses two draft picks to select players, knowing what it does to them...

  6. one or both of those draft picks might end up traded

  7. perfectly good waste of some decent draft picks...

    Anyway, we need to lose to the Nets and have Milwaukee beat a tired and dogging it Boston. Then we are in the cat-bird's seat (whatever that means). But if Spo is too stupid to lose, then let Charlotte leap-frog Milwaukee, beat the Celtics as 5th seeds, then beat Cleveland in round 2. Sweet - ruin Lebron and Shaq's year!!!!

  8. anyone going to post here, at least come PO time?

  9. chicago is winning against boston. no 2nd 1st rd pick for us

  10. helium said...
    anyone going to post here, at least come PO time?

    APRIL 13, 2010 10:20 PM

    Probably not but you can catch me on the chat!