Monday, July 19, 2010

Is LeBron now the Tupac of the Modern NBA?

Here is my last post on ira's board... i say we come back home now that we have the 3 kings. Here is a comedic piece.

Spo’s teachings through 2Pac:

LeBron: Coach, why is everybody so mad at me for coming to Miami?

Spo: WWPS.

LeBron: What is that?

Spo: Whenever I find myself in a tough spot, I think what would Tupac say and I feel better. Check this out. I re-arranged this song thinking about your situation. (Hits play and we hear the beat for “Picture Me Rollin’):

Yeah, clear enough for ya.
Why (people) look mad.
Y’all supposed to be happy i’m free.
Y’all look like you wanted me to stay in (Cleveland)
Old busters.

Picture me rollin’ in my 500 benz.
I still got love for (Mo Williams),
(But he's no superfriends).
They got me under surveillance.
That’s what somebody be tellin’ me.
Known there’s (some lies being told).
But I ain’t the one (tellin’).
Don’t want to be another number.
I (chose Miami Heat) to keep from goin' under.
(Dan Gilbert) wanna see me dead.
(He dropped) the price on my (fathead).
Now I got 2 rottweilers (donning black and red).
(I’ll keep ‘em fed).
Now I’m released.
How will I live?
Will god forgive me for the (TV special that I) did?
To feed kids.
One life to live.
It’s so hard to be positive
When (people) shootin' (out they lip).
Mama, I’m still (ballin’)
(SI got they hate on).
My (fans is burnin’ jerseys)
And most of them dead grown
Full grown, finally a man
Just schemin’ on ways to put some green inside the palms
Of my gifted hands.
Just picture me rollin’.
Flossin a benz on rims that isn’t stolen.
My dreams is (crazy).
(Shaquille cannot come).
(He said he'd win the king a ring but that talk was just dumb).
My nerves is wrecked.
Heart beatin’ and my hands is swollen.
Thinkin' of the (rings) I’ll be holdin'.
Picture me rollin'.
Can you see me now
Move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
Can you see it?
Picture me rollin.
Yeah (playa)
Eh, but picture how my (homie D-Wade) do it.
Guess who’s back?

I got (kids, going for full custody).
Cost a (brotha) 200 g’s.
I’m a street commando.
(Divorced from a psycho).
This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle.
So I got to floss cuz I’m rollin like a boss playa.
Thug branded to be a women layer
So many playa haters, imitators (quotes mis-stated).
Make me (never wanna stop recruiting).
So I caught up (with the gang).
(Split some) change.
(Got UD paid).
(brought Miller to shoot from any) range.
All that jealousy and envy comin’ from my enemies
While I’m sippin' on (my Gatorade)
In front of Lincoln Navigators, (T-Mobile never roams).
(Signature sidekick) sittin on chrome
As we head up (court to face) the zone,
Stone facing is on.
Look and admire but don’t look too long.
I’m livin' a dream with triple (rainbows) and my pockets bulgin'.
It’s hard to imagine.
Picture me rollin.

I gots to get the (homies) in.
(Not remaining idle).
Cuz (my brothas) straight sufferin from lack of havin’ titles.
My (girl) fin to have a bastard, see?
So I need to hit a lick, drastically.
I see some bald head (Barkley getting rich off of my spots)
And (he is even taking a few shots).
(Go head and sing, King).

We caught em sleepin'.
(“Riley warned about the season tickets”)

This how we do it (on the Dream Team)

(Gotta stop the madness)
It’s time to count the profit.
CB1, we got the bomb (squad).
(Brotha), time to (go hard).
(We got the outside, you can hit the low post)
This (championship will be legit, we don’t care who scores most).

Move smooth as a (power forward, that’s me all time).
I’m cool as a (power forward), I’m a get mine.
Now we satisfied.
Got the pockets on swollen.
(D-Wade and this King fella).
Picture us rollin.

Heh, heh, heh.
Y’all ready for me?
Picture me rollin roll call.
You know there’s some (ungrateful bastards) out there
I just could not forget about.
I wanna make sure they can see me.
Number one on my list: Dan Gilbert, Delonte & the “Cavaliers”,
All you bitch asses.
Can you (playaz) see me from there?
Ballin on all y’all punk ass.
Heh, ha ha!
Picture me rollin, baby.
Yeah, all you (experts) up in them (web blogs),
I told y’all (experts, I was about business).
That’s right (experts), picture me rollin
Oh, I forgot…. MJ(his airness)
Yeah, (the greatest) had alot to talk about (playin’ golf).
Can the (Bobcats) see me from (there)?
Can (you guys even make the playoffs)?
Picture me rollin’.
And all you punk (cold states), can you see me?
Am I clear to you?
Picture me rollin’ (top down), legit.
(Wearing flip flops) all day
You can’t stop me.
You know I got my (team of advisers) up in this (Miami business).
(Mav, my moms, and whoever I want get jobs)
Can you picture us rollin?
Can you see me (now)?
Is y’all ready for me .
We up out this (beach).
Any time (Cleveland) wanna see me again,
Rewind this track right here, close your eyes
And picture me rollin.